Twisted Sisters: The Kaleidoscope Collection from Haus Salon

As seen in American Salon's February issue, Kaleidoscope is a swirling cultural collision of color and playfulness and is the newest collection created by Minneapolis-based Haus Salon.

Led by Haus Creative Director Charlie Brackney and Color Director Mark DeBolt, the Haus creative team—Nikki Brown, Susie Carlson, Caitlin Dvorak, Natalie Hansen, Jill Miller and Marlee Southam—fashioned looks inspired by graphic art, British hairdressing and Japanese modernist art.

“This collection highlights the synergy of global connectedness and cultures merging as represented by swirling circles of color,” Brackney says. “The palettes and patterns of Yayoi Kusama and Haruki Murakami were married with silhouettes and textures from classic English and American hairdressing to evoke a never before-seen vision of beauty.” Photography: Stephanie Rau; Makeup: Heath Bryant


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