Two beauty industry icons offer wonderful sources of inspiration and personal growth. Ruth shares their message in this month's column.

Sometimes we need encouragement, sometimes inspiration. And other times, we all need a good laugh. Although we can usually count on our friends, family and co-workers to give us the support we need when we need it, sometimes it's reassuring to find it in unexpected places. I want to tell you about two such sources, both written by my friends and leaders in our industry: Be Nice (Or Else) and What's in it for You, by Winn Claybaugh, founder and co-owner of Paul Mitchell The School; and Get Glowing—You Are a Star Right Where You Are, by Ann Mincey, Redken's vice president of global communications.

 Ruth Roche
Ruth Roche

Ann's Get Glowing project had been brewing in her mind for years, but what finally pushed her to move forward with it was September 11. Looking within herself, she heard the message loud and clear: "Do it now." So she did. Both an audio series and a book, Get Glowing is a refreshing approach to personal growth in a world that considers a celebrity the star. Ann wanted to bring the focus back to the power each of us has to shine brightly and touch the world in a positive way. Using the analogy of a star, Ann shows us how to explore, develop and nurture our five GLOW points: body, mind, relationships, resources and service. As she writes, "You were meant to take your place in the universe." Through this "delicious journey of self discovery, self acceptance and joy," you will feel wiser, more loved and more alive! For more, visit

Ruth with longtime friend and colleague Winn Claybaugh
Ruth with longtime friend and colleague Winn Claybaugh

In Be Nice (or Else) and What's in it for You? Winn Claybaugh provides a practical guide to cultivating a life we love through creating a be-nice culture within ourselves, our families and our workplace. Winn has built an empire on this philosophy. His enthusiasm is contagious, and his message is powerful, as he shows us how we can empower ourselves to build the life and career we want with excitement and joy. Work isn't work for Winn anymore, and it hasn't been for years. For him, work is fun! He wrote the book so other people could experience life this way as well, and I thank him for that. For more information, visit


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I encourage you to take advantage of these resources from these two gifted people. I know I will.

Sharing the GLOW with Ann Mincey
Sharing the GLOW with Ann Mincey

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