Unveiling "Mystic": A Gila Rut Gallery, Shaping A Culture of Techno-Couture

Viewing Gila Rut Aveda Salon’s newest MYSTIC hair fashion imagery is much like discovering an intriguing new exhibit in a modern art gallery. The journey is positively 'other worldly'!

Not confined to simply a collection, the MYSTIC GALLERY 2015 creates a compelling culture of techno-couture named Robot, SuperNatural and Be Witched!. Gila Rut’s Creative Director Lisa Harris defines MYSTIC as 'a powerful interpretation of how art and technology can transcend and transform the look of human perception and beauty'.  Gila Rut’s signature hair statement from Lisa and make-up design concepts from Michael Abshire-Hart unveil a futuristic fashion mix of science with supernatural mechanics with magic … and art at the heart of each creative effort.

Envision a stroll through gallery wings of MYSTIC art. The displays are diverse and dramatic … firing up the scientific senses while conjuring up spiritual images that captivate and beguile. The Gila Rut Aveda Salon design team literally travelled through time for inspiration, drawing from ancestral points of origin, indigenous influences, and even evolution to the au courant. Now, flash forward to the innovative techno-side of future couture – and you have MYSTIC!


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The Hair

MYSTIC art imagery has everything to do with darker, more dramatic contrasts in shapes and shadow play … stark black-and-white images softened with subtle color.  Edgy Geo-Lines and stark angles form striking Geo-Shapes and Structures … rigid, robotic and shine-reflective.  Chiseled Geo-Fringe is at the heart of MYSTIC art.   Techno-Textures offer imaginative new ways to finesse and finish the hair.

On the flip side of future, long and loose wisps and tendrils are directed every-witch-way to create captivating lengths and layers. Structured leather tube dresses, arm bands and neck wraps complete the robotic look for much of MYSTIC. One double-shadowed bewitched look (deliberately shot in the dark) utilizes an array of frothy netting to accessorize the hair and the dress. Gothic never looked so glam!

The Make-Up

Gila Rut’s signature MYSTIC art gallery series is the ultimate designer collaboration of hair and make-up wizardry.  Along with powerful hair imagery comes masterful makeup, always head-turning and often perceived as hyper-real, haunting and gothic (depending on the gallery grouping).  Eye shadows are smokey black and black/green to intense fuchsia.  Lashes are luxurious - even adding flair to the brows!  Skin is hyper-contoured, pale and flawless.  Lips range from tinges and tones of dark orange and dark red to rose, eggplant and 'hyper-natural' peach to line and define.  Watch for lots of liners and even layered liners for eyes and lips; like under- eye crème liners in indigo, ecru and wine -- or iridescent black liquid liners for a winged effect.