A new collection from Errol Douglas, member of the Order of the British Empire, pushes hair into bold new territories.

Like any gifted artist thoroughly devoted to his craft, Errol Douglas is in constant pursuit of the next big thing. Witness the stunningly beautiful looks of Evo 3.0 seen exclusively on these pages—all inspired by the perpetually changing creations Douglas has either worked on backstage at fashion shows or spotted on the runways. “My passion for the endless possibilities in hair that can be achieved with contrasting textures and color is a key thread that links the images in Evo 3.0,” says Douglas, a three-time winner in the British Hairdressing Awards’ Afro category, who, in 2013, also received his 17th consecutive nomination for British Hairdresser Of The Year for the collection. Likewise, his choice of Death Valley as a backdrop is a visual nod to a striking statement that can be made when rough terrain meets smooth lines. “The mountain vista that photographer Andrew O’Toole shot while on a recent trip to Southern California really played up intrigue and drama,” Douglas says.

Photography by Andrew O’Toole


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IMAGE ABOVE - Voluminous curls and color take center stage in this style Douglas created by imbuing hair with a pink hue before performing an old-fashioned set, a volume blow-out and section-by-section tonging. For the finishing touch, Douglas backcombed random sections in a bespoke fashion.

IMAGE ABOVE - Errol Douglas put a modern spin on this look, which draws influences from the ’50s and ’60s, by pairing three vibrant colors in the hair before using a classic set and blow-dry technique for structure and volume.

IMAGE ABOVE - Douglas reinterpreted the mullet, giving it a stylish feel, with bold copper color and two textures. He used the Errol Douglas Treat & Style tool to achieve a straight, high-gloss crown before wrapping the hair from the ear downward to create random soft waves.

IMAGE ABOVE - This long blunt bob goes edgy with Douglas’ smudging technique, which involves using cotton wool to blur and create the contrasted color in the hair.

IMAGE ABOVE - To achieve his ’80s-inspired nod to Ziggy Stardust, Douglas scraped back the hair at the sides with a slight undercut before coaxing strands upward into a combed fringe shape that he smudged with gold hue.

IMAGE ABOVE - For this modern-day take on an ’80s look, Douglas scraped up long hair to the middle of the crown, pinning it in a track from the front to the back. After pointing the ends of the hair upward, Douglas used Treat & Style to lock in the spiky shapes.