Vivienne Mackinder Announces Professional Workshops

Not Just A Hairdresser but an extraordinary icon in the beauty profession. Known as the Hairdressers Hairdresser, Vivienne Mackinder offers years of professional experience and expertise in the beauty industry. In 2016 Vivienne is offering professional workshops at her very own private studio for one on one focus and training in the Beautiful Hamptons, NY.

Those who have experienced the intimate setting in the past have gone away transformed and come back again and again.

If you are serious about your career as a professional hairdresser, and if you desire to learn from the best of the best, we invite you to be a part of this unique experience that will help shape and develop you to advance in your career as a professional stylist. 


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See the 2016 Calendar and RSVP for your chance to be mentored by Vivienne Mackinder. RSVP: 866-484-8622

5 Stylists, 5 Day Workshop

  • May 22-26, 2016
  • June 17-21, 2016
  • August 14-18, 2016
  • September 18-22, 2016
  • October 16-20, 2016

5 Stylists, 5 days with one on one focus with Vivienne.  You will design & customize your own learning experience based on your needs.  Choose to focus on: Razor, Precision Cutting, Wig Work, Consultation, Facial Framing, Hair Pieces & Hair Extensions, Color Work, Styles from Classic to Avant-garde, Dress work, Finishing skills, & Setting Techniques. You will photo journal all of your work & you will see shapes & understand balance in a whole new light.

Price: $2600 or an easy payment plan ($800 down + 6 month payments of $350)

4-Day Photoshoot Workshop

  • April 3-6, 2016
  • October 2-5, 2016

This 4-Day Workshop is only for 6 stylists, and offers one on one focus with Vivienne Mackinder. You will create your own collection & have the opportunity to assist Vivienne on her new collection. This workshop will help you build your portfolio & teach you how to create a photoshoot from start to finish.

Price: $2600 or an easy payment plan ($800 down + 6 month payments of $350)

3-Day Editorial Workshop

  • June 12-14, 2016
  • July 31-August 2, 2016
  • November 6-8, 2016

This 3-day class explores the fundamentals of dress work from finishing techniques, blow drying, designing loose editorial styles, Bridal & formal red carpet looks. This Workshop is only for 6 stylists & All 3 days are de-voted to practical hands on sessions where you recreate looks from magazine tears & photo journal every single look.  You leave the class with a photo journal of your creations.

Price: $1650 or an easy payment plan ($500 down + 6 month payments of $225)

3-Day Cutting Workshop

  • April 17-19, 2016
  • July 10-12, 2016
  • September 25-27, 2016

This 3-day class is only for 6 Stylists. You will receive one on one focus with Vivienne Mackinder. Offering you a hands on learning experience in the Art of Razor Cutting, Precision Cutting, Abstract Cutting, and Classic Principles of Cutting with a Modern Edge.

Price: $1650 or an easy payment plan ($500 down + 6 month payments of $225)

About: Vivienne Mackinder​'s career as a master stylist has been marked by numerous distinctions and achievements. In addition to her latest honor, that of the “Leo Passage Educator of the Year”, awarded by Intercoiffure, she is a five-time winner of the North American Hairstyling Award (NAHA) (including “Masters”), a three-time winner of the prestigious IBS Editor’s Choice Award and a recipient of the North American Hair Styling “Lifetime Achievement” Award, bestowed in 2009. Vivienne is an in demand featured guest artist/educator for premier events world-wide . Vivienne divides her time between teaching, editorial and advertorial shoots, advertising campaigns, entertainment entities like MTV and VH-1 and countless special events as a featured guest artist and educator. Her work is consistently published in the international press. As a session stylist, Vivienne has collaborated and designed hair collections for runway fashion collections in New York, Paris and London. For the last three years Vivienne has served as Fashion Director for Intercoiffure America|Canada.