Wahl Announces Partnership with Major League Barber

Wahl Professional announces their partnership with Major League Barber (MLB), strengthening opportunities for the professional in the barbering industry. Nuri West, owner of Major League
Barber and his brother started MLB in 2001 as a movement—created by barbers for barbers.

“We started Major League Barber as a hub for barbers,” says West. “At the time, barbers did not have as much as stylists. We came in with a large focus on the barbers’ perspective. Now,
barbering has transformed—today it incorporates cosmetology elements and we see even more female barbers as well.”

When West and the team at Major League Barber aren’t busy hosting and attending educational and competitive shows, they visit different barbershops to discuss events, represent MLB and now the Wahl Professional brand as well.


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“I’ve noticed Major League Barber’s (MLB) character and professionalism steadily grow over the past few years,” says Laura VanderMoere, Director of Education, Wahl Professional. “Many people I respect spoke favorably of MLB, which intrigued me.”

West and VanderMoere were formally introduced in 2015 by Wahl Education & Artistic Team member Garland ‘G-Whiz’ Fox, the catalyst for beginning the partnership.

“To be a leader, you must be selective,” says West. “Wahl is an industry leader, so they must be selective. We worked and waited for the opportunity to work with Wahl, and here
we are.”

West and VanderMoere believe their values align to create a partnership ideal for both Wahl and MLB.

“Wahl exudes integrity and honesty. MLB stands for loyalty and passion. The partnership is perfect,” says West.

“Wahl represents stability, dependability and accountability and we expect the same from our partners: we’re confident Major League Barber displays these qualities,” says

Barber-stylists can expect first-class events with Team MLB exclusively handling Wahl tools.

“We’re excited to share Wahl tools, clippers and education to those who may not have been exposed to the Wahl brand before,” says VanderMoere. “We feel it is extremely important to give everyone an opportunity to learn and participate in industry events, regardless of their location.”

MLB reaches professionals that don’t get exposure from major shows and classes. Additionally, MLB does a phenomenal job of scheduling locations and events to ensure all stylist and barber artists are included.

Wahl’s emphasis on education is one of the strengths West looks forward to with the partnership.

“Education is everything,” says West. “Our brand is education and competition. We believe Wahl can help bridge that gap.”

Wahl helps link MLB’s education and competition by bringing top-notch equipment and educators to the partnership. Wahl’s influence can be seen in upcoming events and classes for barber-stylists.

“We feel this partnership with MLB creates an extension of our Wahl sales and education team and are proud to be affiliated with them,” says Lance Wahl, Global Vice President Professional Products, Wahl Clipper Corporation.

West believes working with Wahl and their education team is key to helping MLB learn and grow globally.

“Major League Barber’s goal is to reach everyone all over the world,” says West. “We want to educate on barbering. But not just cutting hair, we also strive to unite and help one another.”

West radiates a love for barbering—what he calls ‘barber love’ is what inspired MLB.

“When we work with other barbers, we can see the amount of passion starting to circulate,” says West. “You have to love what you do, and do what you love. We’re excited that the team at Wahl feels the same way.”.

About Wahl Clipper Corporation: Since 1919, with the invention of the first practical electric hair clipper, Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category. Today, with over 2500 employees worldwide, Wahl is proud to carry forward the tradition of innovation and superior customer service that was created by Leo J. Wahl. Headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl distributes to 176 countries and has eight global manufacturing facilities as well as 25 sales offices. At Wahl, we are proud of our heritage of excellence as well as our remarkable list of groundbreaking innovations for the present and future for the global market. Visit www.wahlpro.com for more details.

About Major League Barber: Major League Barber (MLB) is an organization whose purpose is to unite barbers and stylists all over the globe. MLB’s goals are to educate, provide quality products and tools for the love and passion of the barber and hair industry

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