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Rarenyc.com gets an update to make it more fresh and inviting.

After Ruth Roche finished renovating her New York City salon, Rare, she decided to redesign the salon's Web site, as well. "Just like everything else, when you have seen it for so long, it can become boring," Roche says, noting that rarenyc.com now features a look that mirrors the salon's image. "The new site is fresh and fun, a better reflection of myself, my wonderful team and our space. It's modern with bold colors, yet it's inviting."

The new look of rarenyc.com
The new look of rarenyc.com

Roche worked with Web designer Bryan Viper to create a site that's visually appealing and more user-friendly. "It needed to be stimulating for people who live on their computers and iPhones, meaning less text and more interaction, pictures and color," Roche says. The improved functionality includes easier navigation through the three main aspects of Roche's career: the salon, freelance work and education. The salon section has a menu of services, team member bios and reviews from clients, while the portfolio category has an image gallery and list of celebrity clients, with plans to include photographers, makeup artists and stylists. The academy section has class descriptions along with travel and lodging information to make things easier for out-of-town students.

The new site also emphasizes social media, with prominently placed links to the Facebook fan page and Roche's Twitter page and YouTube channel. "More and more people are building relationships via the Web, and we felt it was a nice way to get to know clients, share encouragement among peers, develop mentoring relationships, and open ourselves up to a new and often younger audience," Roche says. "Plus, it's instant gratification. We've had people leave the salon, go online at home and immediately thank us again with a post on Facebook." —L.M.