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Colorist David Stanko brings his personality and a New York City edge to the Web.

After several years of thought and eight months of artistic and logistic research, haircolor consultant and colorist David Stanko of David Angelo Salon in New York City finally launched his Web site, davidstanko.com, last September.

David Stanko's Web site is hip yet approachable.
David Stanko's Web site is hip yet approachable.

Every aspect of Stanko's Web site, down to the purple and orange color scheme, reflects his brand—urban, but not alienating. "I want the site to be fun and clean without feeling too 'downtown,'" he says. Visitors are welcomed to the site by a flash-animated signature of Stanko's name, followed by an image of his own hand using an applicator bottle to fill in the letters with color.

There are two things that immediately stand out on the site's landing page. The first is the photo of Stanko, which he says is a key point. "You want to immediately associate a name with an image," he says. The second is the witty and conversational style of his text. Tabs on the left side of the home page lead to six sections, including Colorwork, which features frequently updated editorial photos that Stanko says are "inspired by NYC's hipsters, immigrant enclaves and ladies who lunch"; Gigs, which contains his salon and travel schedules; and Hire Learning, which provides descriptions of Stanko's educational offerings.

The Web site also features a BFF Spotlight page, where Stanko promotes his colleagues both in and out of the beauty industry, and Colorist's POV, where Stanko blogs about his color ideas.

So far, Stanko's target visitors—salon professionals, educators and clients—have responded positively. "I've gained a number of new clients, thanks especially, to the salon schedule," he says. "People are really getting a sense of who I am and the kind of work that I do." —G.B.