Week 10

The Cao Institute was invited to go to the taping of the Doctor Phil show this week! So of course I went. It was really fun. A charter bus picked us up and Alee kindly brought us donuts since we had to be at achool by 7 am. They scattered us around the audience and we got to watch the taping of both shows. The first one was about lyers and scam artists and this couple came on because the wife was sick of her husband lying all the time. The second guests were two women who had been scammed on an online dating website. The second show was a bit more heavy, it was themed 'I Never Thought It Could Happen to Me'. The first guests were a mother and daughter and the mother had recently found out about her 19 year old daughters porn career. The next guests were two women who had gone to a botox party at their local beauty supply and gotten injections in their faces that went really bad. They had to have surgery to get whatever was injected out and it looked really painful. And the final guest was a woman who when she was 20 years old killed a 16 year old girl drunk driving. She was so depressed about it but Dr. Phil really helped her out. It was a fun day, something I never thought I would have been able to do.

Back to the salon... I had my first male guest this week! It went well, I was nervous about it though. Male cutting isn't my favorite. Yet. And I also did a haircut and a color, both which turned out really nice. I back tacked my own hair as well this week. Back Track is Paul Mitchell's color stripping product. It worked pretty good, all the black is gone from my hair and it's a nice brown color. I need to do it again though, I still want to go lighter! So once it's all finished I'll post some pictures for you guys.

We learned a really cute updo style in Texture class this week and an awesome block coloring technique that I'm dying to try on someone!

Until next week!


Hanna Compton