Wendy Watkins: Don’t You Love a Good Quote?

There is one saying I heard quite often when I worked with Neill Corporation. It went something like, “What you inspect, you can expect.” I shared this with many salon owners. It was an easy way to remember that what you put your attention on will show up in your life.

That pertains to every part of your life and business. If you pay attention to your relationships, you can expect them to grow. If you pay attention to improving your technical skills, you become a better stylist. If you consistently look at the numbers in your business, set goals and measure your results, you will prosper. Where have you have been putting your attention lately? Is it in alignment with what you are expecting in your life? That is one piece of the success and fulfillment puzzle. The other piece comes from a saying that I found in my Happiness NOW! calendar – “Happiness happens when you least inspect it.” I love that!

This saying speaks more to your heart then your head and is just as important to incorporate into creating success and fulfillment in your life. My work is supporting people in raising their Joy Factor, the topic of my upcoming book. A popular question from my clients is how do I raise my Joy Factor, how do I become happier? My answer is to choose happiness. Just like you choose your hair style, you can choose to be happy today. From there, take baby steps toward what makes you feel joy and goodness.

“Balance, peace, and joy are the fruit of a successful life. It starts with recognizing your talents and finding ways to serve others by using them.” Thomas Kinkade Balance the use of your head and your heart as you grow your business and enhance your staff and clients lives. Take time to look at your numbers, your team, your clients and what your heart needs. Put your focus on what will bring you success and watch it flourish.

Wendy Watkins, PCC, Chief Grower of PassionFruit Creative People Growers, is a seasoned business leader and coach with over 18 years of experience in the salon and spa industry. She specializes in unique programs and keynotes that have helped scores of creative entrepreneurs. Visit www.PassionFruitPeople.com for more inspiring tools and information, or check out her new blog to raise your Joy Factor today.