Winn Claybaugh Offers Free Masters Interview for Animal Lovers

Winn Claybaugh offers Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Founder FAITH MALONEY’s interview free for 30 days.
For a limited time only, Winn is offering his MASTERS interview with Faith Maloney to animal lovers everywhere, FREE at
Winn says, “I had the honor of interviewing Faith Maloney, founder of Best Friends Animal Society, about her experience in bringing over 20 the pit bulls rescued from Michael Vick's brutal fighting ring to Best Friends. Animal lovers everywhere should hear this interview!”

Faith Maloney is one of the founders of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and a consultant in all aspects of animal care at the nation's largest animal sanctuary, including the Best Friends Clinic and adoption programs. In the sanctuary's early days, Faith spent much of her day in the direct care and feeding of animals. These days, she devotes an increasing amount of time to helping people from all over the world who are starting sanctuaries themselves. Interviewed by Winn Claybaugh, Faith creates awareness for all animal lovers.

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