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Nestled in bustling downtown Springfield, MO is Hudson Hawk, a fast-growing barbershop with quality services and a timeless, yet modern aesthetic that make it a standout among residents and guests alike. Setting out to create a place where they themselves would get a haircut, owners Thad Forrester and Paul Catlett incorporated the touches of a traditional barbershop with the luxuriousness common in salons—“the touches that barbers are known for, including straight-razor shaves and back-of-the-neck shaves, but with every cut, hot towels with essential oils on the face,” Forrester says.

With an emphasis on detail and services ranging from straight-razor shaves, beard trims, facials and waxing, it’s no surprise Hudson Hawk has a diverse clientele. Servicing everyone from young children and students to doctors, lawyers and CEOs, the shop attracts those looking for quality in a one-of-a-kind environment.


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Largely defined by its aesthetic, Hudson Hawk—a name inspired by the names of Forrester’s and Catlett’s youngest sons—evokes traditional masculinity and puts a spin on classic Americana elements. Subway tile walls are decorated with American flags, chain saws and taxidermy, and the space is customized with elements specific to Missouri culture—pictures of famous Missourians like Mark Twain, Harry Truman and George Washington Carver decorate the walls.

Opened a little over a year ago, Hudson Hawk continues to expand each day. Now, Forrester and Catlett have a shop in Farmers Park, and expect to open a third location in Springfield’s Southern Hills this year. For Forrester, it truly is the sum of all the shop’s aspects—the design, service, quality and products—that makes the Hudson Hawk experience the best one around. “It’s very approachable and comfortable, like your neighborhood barbershop should be,” Forrester says. “Everyone who walks in feels at home.” —E.G.

Play It Cool

During summer, male guests are likely looking to keep things short and cool. Fernie Andong, barber specialist at Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa in California, suggests the bald fade or the undercut, which is shorter on the sides and longer on top, like the style sported by One Direction’s Liam Payne. “This style works on nearly any hair type,” Andong says. “I tailor the cut to the needs of the client and to the head shape.” Here, he explains how to create this ’do that will transition into the longer-length styles of fall.

1. After using clippers and razors to achieve the cut, wash the hair with Mitch Double Hitter 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner.

2. After towel-drying hair, use a nickel-sized amount of Mitch Steady Grip to bulk up the hair, making it appear thicker and adding some texture and lasting hold.

3. When blow-drying, it’s important to use a brush like the Paul Mitchell 413 Sculpting Brush, which creates volume and shape memory. Give extra attention to the base of the hair to enhance the hard part.

4. Once hair is dry, use Mitch Reformer for hold and a matte finish. Adding Mitch Steady Grip beforehand sets the foundation, eliminates the need for lots of product and lets hair take its natural shape.

5. For the finishing touch, lightly spritz Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Wild Ginger Finishing Spray. paulmitchell.com —K.H.


Men About Town

Men who dress to the nines are the focal point of I am Dandy, the Return of the Elegant Gentleman (Prestel Publishing, September 2013). The 256-page book from photographer Rose Callahan and writer Nathaniel “Natty” Adams explores the fascinating phenomenon of dandyism, providing an intimate look at the kempt lives of 57 contemporary men devoted to style, documenting everything from their flawless beards and three-piece suits to deftly folded pocket handkerchiefs. —K.D.