Wise Guy


Owner Lee Brown is known to greet clients at the front door of Mister Brown’s Barber Shop Social in San Diego. Almost as soon as guests recognize the barbershop’s friendly atmosphere, they’ll notice the pool table and custom-restored 1920s Koken Barber Chairs. Brown ensures guests enjoy their time at the barbershop, and allots 45 minutes for each appointment so that each of the six barbers on staff can devote 100 percent of their attention on the client in their chair. “There is no waiting in line here,” says Brown, and even if there was, the barbershop has a lounge area with a television and a custom Wren Hifi stereo console for entertainment. “All are welcome to hang out, whether they have an appointment or just passing by looking for a bit of stimulating conversation,” he says. In addition to offering top-notch signature services, like the 90-minute Gentlemen’s Cut and Hot Shave, Mister Brown’s Barber Shop Social has its own T-shirt and candle lines and is currently working on a partnership for a line of grooming products. —D.C.


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Hopped Up

Two worlds collide for men who love clean locks and a good brew. “It’s easy for men’s hair to become extra dirty,” says Jenny Balding, Redken For Men consultant. “Throughout the course of a day, a guy’s hair can feel weighed down by dirt and oil, and some styling products can leave a residue on the hair.” Redken For Men Anti-Grit Clean Brew shampoo incorporates three beer ingredients—malt, brewer’s yeast and orange zest—for a premium blend that nourishes, strengthens and purifies the scalp. “The extra-cleansing shampoo has a rich, foaming lather that provides the intense clean many of my clients are looking for on a daily basis but doesn’t dry out the hair or scalp,” Balding adds. redken.com —D.C.



Elevating the typical barber accessory to a fashion statement, 1907 by Fromm introduces the Vintage Barber Cape, which features a print design of classic grooming devices. The professional black-and-white cape features images of old-fashioned brushes, shears, mustaches and even top hats to evoke thoughts of bygone days. The retro design was created in honor of the tradition of barbering, which has seen resurgence. The cape is made with lightweight polyester and is water-resistant to keep clients dry. The 45- by 60-inch cape features an extra-long adjustable snap closure, making it suitable for any client. frommbeauty.com —C.R.


Taking Shape

This hi-top fade haircut and beard featuring a geometric design by Andis gives a new meaning to getting in shape. Here’s how to get the look seen on Andis associate Jerome for the American Legacy Collection 2.

1. Start by using the Envy Professional Hair Clipper in a closed-blade position to lightly fade hair with sidestrokes. Using the revolution process, start on the left side of the nape, moving to the right side perimeter. Adjust the blade to the half-open position; for the final revolution, adjust the blade to the full-open position and continue with C-strokes.

2. After fading, bulk the hair by using a clipper-over-comb technique, then rough-cut the flat-top.

3. With the blade closed, use the Envy Professional Hair Clipper to shape the top interior using horizontal sections to create a center guide, and work from the crown to the front. Widen the guide from either side. Next, shape the sides using the revolution process and keep the comb parallel to the shape desired. Form the front using the previously cut section, holding the Envy clipper vertically.

4. For the beard, which features several shapes, close the clipper blade and attach a number-1 guard, cutting against the grain to remove bulk. Next, use the GTX T-Outliner and trim around the chin, moving up the side toward the ear for an outline. To create a design, position the trimmer head upward and cut the shape, and to perfect the look, point the trimmer head downward. Use the Pro Dry+ Tourmaline Ionic/Ceramic Hair Dryer with the pick attachment to set the style. andis.com —C.R.