Wise Guy - December 2014




Just steps away from Town Square in Jackson Hole, WY is Whiskey Barber, which offers quality, signature services, and boasts walls lined with over 100 bottles of whiskey. “The bottles of booze all belong to our members,” says owner David Johnson, who runs the 650-square-foot shop with co-owner W.D. Barry. “If you want to bring in a bottle and just sit in the shop and catch up with friends, read the local paper or hear the local gossip, bring it on,” says Johnson. Whiskey Barber first opened in February 2012 a few blocks from its present address, and quickly transformed from a space with two chairs, a backbar and cocktail area to a thriving enterprise in July 2013. Men’s services, from traditional tapers and flat tops to the signature hot towel and straight-razor shave, have catchy names such as The Dome and Grill Special; The Buzzness; and The Hair Farmer Harvest. “I believe in the human experience and the individuality of each person,” says Johnson. “We are a family here—Whiskey Barber has your back.” —B.V.



One Savile Row: Gieves & Hawkes: The Invention of the English Gentleman (Rizzoli New York, 2014) by Marcus Binney, Simon Crompton and Colin McDowell, explores the bespoke tailoring of the legendary store located at 1 Savile Row in central London. Gieves & Hawkes have designed garments for 10 generations of British royalty, from King George III to Prince William and Prince Harry, and after World War I, began offering custom civilian clothing. The book drawsspecifically from Gieves & Hawkes’ unpublished archives of client ledgers, garments, accessories and photographs. —N.A.





Macho, Macho Man

Like many salons and spas, MassageLuXe in Kirkwood, MO searched for ways to introduce more than the basics to its male clientele while making the experience feel masculine. “Many of our clients were unaware of FaceLuXe, which is the sister business located right inside all MassageLuXe locations,” says Paige Beckman, director of esthetics. To promote its facial services, MassageLuXe began offering the Repêchage Lamina Lift Mask—which contains Ecocert seaweed, orange water, aloe vera and other natural botanicals—as an option during massages. The mask is left on for five to 20 minutes while the client lies on his back. For male customers who are especially shy about esthetics, the simple add-on service during their regular appointments has exposed them to the benefits of facials. “Now we can offer great skincare to both our massage and facial clients,” says Beckman. —D.C.



As men age, the health of their hair and scalp deteriorates, says Lisa Brodar, co-founder of Portland General Store, an apothecary that offers all-natural grooming products. Here, she offers advice to share with male clients to keep their scalps in tip-top shape.

1. Walk or bike to work, instead of driving, and introduce more aerobic exercises into weekly routines.

2. Take a multivitamin or eat foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Massage the head and improve circulation by brushing the scalp daily.

4. Choose natural haircare products that are sulfate- and paraben-free to avoid stripping the scalp of its natural oils. portlandgeneralstore.com —B.V.



Modern-day rockabillies and hipsters alike can go retro with the Grably beard comb from Estonia-based Upstairs Shop. Made entirely from recycled vinyl records, the comb comes in two sizes: thick-toothed Grably No. 15 to tame curly beards and thin-toothed Grably No. 20 for grooming longer whiskers. upstairs-shop.com —L.B.






PHOTOGRAPHY: David Johnson (Bottle Service); Veer (Head Case)