Zotos Awards Company’s Outstanding Sales Representatives

Rep Group of the Year: Van Nest Coleman SW (from left to right): Jim Henrietta, Justin Van Nest, Steve Simon, Kevin Van Nest and Vice President of Sales Bruce Selan

While at 2012 Cosmoprof in Las Vegas this past July, Zotos International handed out awards to the company’s top performing sales representatives. A 20-year tradition, the awards honor sales representatives across the Zotos professional brand and Bain de Terre.

Winners include: Van Nest Coleman SW for Representative Group of the Year, Van Nest Coleman MW, CFN Sales and Marketing East, Stacey Cohen for Outstanding Service, GM & Associates and the entire S.E. Representative Service Team.

“These representatives are the best the industry has to offer and exude the professionalism that Zotos’ customers deserve,” said Bruce Selan, vice president of sales. —Aja Edwards