American Curl: Refresher Sprays

Nadirah Volpe, Sexy Hair International Master Artist, highlights the best ways to use and sell curl refresher sprays—a fast-growing product category in the curly hair market.

Everyone knows that curly hair shouldn’t be shampooed as frequently as straight hair, but giving curls a mid-day or second-day boost is essential for definition. That’s where curl refresher sprays come in. “They keep curly hair looking great between shampoos,” says Nadirah Volpe, Sexy Hair International Master Artist. “In the past, women thought the only time their curls looked perfect was after a shampoo because their curls would get disheveled overnight. But now, curl refresher sprays are replenishing moisture and instantly adding definition.” Here, Volpe explains how to use curl refresher sprays at the salon, and how to market them for at-home use.

Q:  How do you use curl refresher sprays in the salon?

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A: Because curl refresher sprays are so great at adding definition, they work really well as salon finishers. Curly Sexy Hair Curl Power Spray Foam and Curling Crème are wonderful salon products for defining curly hair because they can both be used as wet stylers and dry refreshers. Depending on hair type—Curl Power Spray Foam for fine hair or Curling Crème for thick or coarse hair—apply the appropriate product from roots to ends of wet hair before diffusing curls. Once hair is dry, more product can be scrunched into the hair, giving curls extra definition, shine and soft hold. 

Q:  Do you apply curl refresher sprays differently on different curl types?

A: For loose waves, I recommend lightly applying the refresher where needed and gently scrunching it in with your hands. Don’t brush or comb the curls, just let them air-dry. For tight or kinky curls, you can be much more liberal with your application. Apply the product from mid-shaft to ends, paying special attention to frizzy areas. Again, don’t brush or comb the hair, but consider twisting individual curls with your fingers for added definition. 

Q : What suggestions do you have for selling curl refresher sprays?

A: Explain to your client that with a curl refresher spray, they’ll be able to go at least two days—hopefully more, depending on texture, lifestyle and climate—between shampoos. Also, while you’re using the refresher spray at the chair, talk about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Don’t think of it as marketing or selling, but instead as educating and informing clients on how to care for their curls.