Dan Langer on R+Co's New Luxury, Sustainable Line BLEU

(r+co bleu)

Today, R+Co's highly anticipated couture, sustainable haircare line BLEU has officially launched. The brainchild of the collective of artists—including legends Garren, Thom Priano and Howard McLaren—the 21-product lineup is designed to provide a luxury, sophisticated and modern haircare experience for clients. The formulas heal, rebuild, nourish and protect, addressing factors that compromise hair, all while celebrating sustainability and modern luxury.

We chatted with Dan Langer, president of R+Co, to learn more.


Why was the timing right to present BLEU?

I think salon owners and the industry were excited about something new, that’s innovative and focuses on performance and sustainability. A big part of what we’re trying to do at R+Co is celebrate the whole beauty community and the inclusivity of it, and have hairdressers work together to help shift the craft as we move forward.

It’s an unprecedented time in the world, and hairdressers and the beauty industry have this amazing facility to provide people with moments of levity and joy and companionship and community. If anything has been proven it's the resilience and creativity of our chosen professions and the positive impact we have on the world. It's a great time to think about the future and how we make our industry incredible.

What makes BLEU unique?

Dan Langer: One of the beautiful things about a collective is that rather than focusing on a singular perspective you have this collaborative approach to product development where everyone brings their ideas and you debate. R+Co is like a supergroup where people have their own incredible talents.

Fill us in on the sustainability factor.

DL: The new luxury is really a combination of high-performance products and a focus on sustainability and social consciousness. It's hyper-focused on sustainability, from the partnership with One Tree Planted, which is dedicated to reforestation around the world, to the 100-percent PCR [post-consumer recycled] bottles. The boxes are also made from 100-percent recyclable material. It's a brand that is both recycled and recyclable.

Which categories are included?

DL: The range is divided into families according to benefit, reflected in four color stories: blue for Universal products, orange-red for Color, green for Repair & Moisture and purple for Volume.

Find more information on all 21 products here.

R+Co President Dan Langer