The Latest Keratin Products and Treatments for Smoothing and Straightening

There’s a whole new world of keratin treatments out there from the classic straightening treatment to smoothing services to formaldehyde-free alternatives. Here’s a roundup of the latest products for straightening and smoothing all textures of hair from
curly to relaxed and how they can impact your salon business.

1/Goldwell Kerasilk

The latest advancement in the hair smoothing category comes in the form of Goldwell Kerasilk Keratin treatment, which is a customizable smoothing treatment that can reduce the curl pattern within the hair and tame down frizz, depending on the client’s hair texture and/or based on the desired look. The Goldwell Kerashape technology uses ingredients like glycolic acid in the formula to create new keratin bonds that tame the hair shape for up to five months. Unique to this formula is it’s gentle nature which allows for color treatments event he same day.

Pro Tip

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“It is important not to oversaturate the product when applying. The hair should be saturated, but not oversaturated. When going through the flat-ironing process, do not over flat-iron—only 4-5 swipes per strand with the iron. I also recommend adjusting the temperatures depending on the customer’s hair texture and/or color.”Dimitrios Tsioumas, Goldwell national artist


Inoar Professional offers a number of smoothing treatments with Moroccan Hair Keratin Smoothing Treatment, G-Hair Keratin Smoothing Treatment and Boto Hair being their strongest and most popular. With up to 95 percent frizz and curl reduction, these treatments also work to restore hydration and add shine. According to Sharon Medina, Inaor professional educator, “all formulas have a rich blend of amino acids, proteins and keratin that seal the cuticle of the hair without changing or breaking its disulfide bonds.” It can also deliver results for up to five months.

Pro Tip

“When using our smoothing treatment,
always consider the fabric that you are going to work with; therefor you can choose the right treatment for the client.”
Sharon Medina, Inaor professional educator

3/Matrix Opti.Smooth Permanent Smoothing System

The Matrix Opti.Smooth Permanent Smoothing System offers a full spectrum of straightening services—cold smoothing, heat straightening and 3D Curl Service—via a four step regimen consisting of the Pre-Treatment with Pro-Keratin, thio-based Smoothing Cream, Conditioning Neutralizer with Extra Conditioners and Post-Treat, available in 3 formula strengths: Normal, Resistant and Sensitized. “Opti.Smooth stands out by respecting and reinforcing the hair’s fiber while preventing breakage in a formaldehyde-free formula,” says Steve Waldman, Matrix Global Artist.

Pro Tip

“When a client mentions straightening, they might be communicating a frustration with frizz or uncontrollable, misplaced volume. Use the consultation to build a relationship and understand what really empowers your guests in regards to their appearance.”Steve Waldman, Matrix global artist

4/Keratin Complex

Keratin Complex has an assortment of smoothing systems ranging from the original award winning formula Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment to Express Blow Out for clients seeking a quick solution to Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System, which has recently launched to allow for natural texture to stay beautiful and curly while being frizz free. While the natural Keratin Smoothing treatment and Express Blow Out smooth and reduce curl mechanically by using a flat iron and heat, the Advanced Glycolic Smoothing System softens and smooths the hair gently in a chemically.

Pro Tip
I remember the big boom when they Keratin treatments launched, and salons were doing hundreds a week. They are such a big money-making opportunity for salons, so I encourage salon owners to continuously promote them to clients and bring that buzz back. Also, it is important to refresh their staff’s knowledge on them to ensure great results through education classes, our KC webinars or videos.”Woody Michleb, international artistic director of cut & style, Keratin Complex

5/Keratherapy Pure Renewal Plus+

Keratherapy Pure Renewal Plus+ is a zero formaldehyde, thio and sodium hydroxide smoothing system that “uses a proprietary blend of glyoxyloyl, carbocysteine and amino acids that form cross-links in the hair to help ‘re-shape’ the bonds for up to 12 weeks, without causing any permanent structural change,” says Misha Belfer, Keratherapy international creative director. The 90-minute treatment removes up to 90 percent of curls or waves, and eliminates frizz. “This formula is a legitimate alternative to formaldehyde based treatments for most clients. In half-head comparison tests with major formaldehyde-free treatments, Pure Renewal PLUS+ provided more curl reduction, more conditioning and greater longevity, than all other competitive keratin treatments.”

Pro Tip
“The category has evolved from exclusive, extended treatments for a small percentage of clients, to multi-level series of treatments at different price and commitment levels that appeal to every client. For salons and stylists who want to grow their business rapidly, they would be wise to fully market the smoothing category and offer a full array of smoothing retail products, much like they market multi-level hair color services on their salon menu.”Misha Belfer, Keratherapy international creative director

6/Peter Coppola Beauty Refinishing Treatment

Peter Coppola Beauty, a brand synonymous with keratin treatments, has developed the first refinishing system dedicated to the men’s grooming market. The Peter Coppola Refinishing Treatment can be a universal salon service, but it is being offered in men’s salons and barbershops as a means of smoothing both textured hair and beards before-hand to help with control, manageability and style. “What makes the treatment unique is the ceramides placed in between the cuticle platelets to increase softness, shine and condition of the hair,” says Steven Lightfoot, artistic director of Peter Coppola Beauty. “We saw a real need for texture refinishing in the men’s grooming category. With the cropped sides, hard parts and smooth tops being a lasting trend we saw that many men were struggling to accomplish these looks with their natural texture.”

Pro Tip

“Take into consideration that texture refinishing is a permanent addition to your consultation. When you ask about cut and color, you should also be asking about texture to every client. If a client has a texture that makes it difficult to accomplish their styling goals, they need a refinishing system.”Steven Lightfoot, artistic director of Peter Coppola Beauty