Master the balayage technique with the “Perfect Balayage Kit” by TRUSS Professional

Derived from a French word meaning “to sweep,” the balayage technique has swept the nation with its natural, sun-kissed elegance. With this style on the top of almost everyone’s wish list, TRUSS Professional has created the Perfect Balayage Kit to assist colorists in creating the ideal effect.

​Everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The Perfect Balayage Kit contains three elements to ensure you’re providing the right color for each client’s unique request, while maintaining the integrity of healthy hair. Clients will fall in love with their gorgeous results, and you’ll fall in love with the ease of process and high-quality products.

Air Libre Bleaching Powder
Ideal for free-hand techniques, the Air Libre Bleaching Powder provides a natural lift to hair color, ranging from two to five levels. With a dust-free formula, there’s no risk of product inhalation since particles won’t disperse during mixing, ensuring colorists are protected as well.

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8 XPowder Bond Builder
Eight times more powerful than the leading bond builder, this breakthrough powder provides maximum protection for hair during the lightening and coloring processes. Responsible for distributing lighting agents inside the cortex fiber, 8 XPowder Bond Builder protects hair integrity, leaving behind gorgeous, vibrant color. Ingredients include: Commiphora myrrha resin extract to promote healing, and the super-antioxidant babassu seed oil that prevents free radicals and increases the silky texture of hair.

Deluxe Prime Blond
Deluxe Prime Blond
was developed to rebuild strands and neutralize warm tones in blonde or bleached hair. This formula was carefully developed with a blend of violet pigments that neutralizes without dehydrating the hair, giving you the perfect platinum effect. The hi-tech and organic ingredients penetrate into the hair shaft for an intensive, instant repair that considerably thickens the hair strands, making sure any damage is recovered. Ingredients include Nano Repair to seal hair fibers, a Bio Affinity Complex that provides photo-nutrients to repair damaged cuticles, keratin to increase strength and body, Tahitian Monoi Oil that’s rich in essential omegas, vitamin E and wheat protein to protect hair follicles and restore hair’s natural flexibility.

ABOUT: TRUSS Professional is a luxurious full-service salon brand with results-driven formulas that combine the latest cutting-edge technology with organic ingredients. TRUSS is committed to innovative formulas that deliver outstanding real results catering to every client’s needs. Targeting professional beauty salons, owners, managers and stylists, TRUSS provides a full-service portfolio of results-driven products focused on superior performance for professionals and their clients alike.

TRUSS Deluxe Prime Blond is available in fine salons nationwide. For more information on TRUSS Professional, call 1-844-TRUSS11 or visit