Repêchage Shines Bright at IECSC Las Vegas

One of Repêchage's educational classes at this years IECSC Las Vegas show

Repêchage Professional Skin Care, and CEO/Founder Lydia Sarfati, introduced the latest in skin care products and treatments for hyperpigmentation, including their NEW! Biolight™ Luminex Mask, and took part in educational classes at this year’s IECSC Las Vegas show. With the anti-aging skin care market set to increase—with a projected growth of 35% over the next five years*—addressing skin care concerns such as sallow skin, hyperpigmentation and fine lines and wrinkles should be a top priority for spa and salon professionals. 

This year, skin care professionals visited the Repêchage booth to learn about the Repêchage Biolight™ Luminex Mask, a new express facial treatment for skin brightening. This luxurious, pearlescent soufflé crème mask contains Glycolic Acid (AHA), Fruit Acid, Kaolin Clay and other botanicals to deep cleanse, gently exfoliate and help reduce the appearance of excess oils. They also were advised on how the exclusive Repêchage® Laminaria Digitata seaweed filtrate helps to moisturize and reduce the appearance of fine lines revealing brighter-looking skin. Lightly fragranced with a soothing scent, this 15 minute express mask treatment that can be used alone, or added on to other services to create a luminous, flawless looking complexion anytime.

In addition, show goers had a chance to learn about and experience classic Repêchage treatments including the premiere Repêchage Four Layer Facial®, Repêchage Biolight™ Miracle Facial, Repêchage Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial, and Repêchage Lamina Lift™ Mask.

Repêchage representatives, including Repêchage CEO and Founder and Chairman of CIDESCO USA, Lydia Sarfati, also took part in educational classes at this year's IECSC Las Vegas show. Sarfati instructed two CIDESCO classes. In "The Art of European Facial Massage" Sarfati demonstrated classic facial massage movements for over 40 attendees including Effleurage , Petrissage, Tapotement, Friction, Vibration and Eastern movements, such as Shiatsu. Sarfati also lectured on the function of the muscles, lymph and circulatory systems, underlining how important it is to understand these elements of the body in order to provide clients with the best possible facial massage experience. In Sarfati's second class, "Younger-Looking, Beautiful Skin" Sarfati discussed how different factors, like genetics and environmental exposure, can influence aging of the skin. Sarfati also discussed how spa professionals can treat and reverse sun damage, including the best ingredients and solutions available today. 

Repêchage Educator Delanie West also hosted two skin care classes for show attendees. In “Repêchage® Vita Cura® 5 Phase Firming Facial” attendees learned about Repêchage’s renowned natural facial treatment for aging skin, used by estheticians and plastic surgeons around the world. West discussed and demonstrated how estheticians can implement this treatment at salons and spas to capture the anti-aging skin care market. West also detailed the ingredients and technology behind this treatment. In West’s second class “Peel & Reveal!” the new Repêchage BIOLIGHT™ Luminex Mask and Repêchage® BIOLIGHT™ Miracle Facial with Glyco-Sea™ Peel were presented to attendees. Through lecture and demonstration, attendees learned about the ingredients and technology behind these treatments that are based on a multidimensional approach to skin brightening. West discussed how Biolight™ differentiates itself amongst other skin brightening technologies, as effective results can be achieved without damaging the delicate structure of the skin.