September: Note From Editor in Chief Marianne Dougherty

When Steve Goddard, founder of Pravana, received the Spirt of Life Award from City of Hope in Las Vegas this July, those of us in the audience learned a couple of things about the 30-year industry vet: Not only can he rock out, but he’s very, very funny. Goddard managed to raise $1 million to benefit cancer research and treatment at City of Hope by calling on his friends and colleagues in the beauty industry and asking for their support. The mood was light while he ticked off the names of those who answered the call, including L’Oréal and Salon Centric, which donated $200,000, and Beauty Systems Group’s Dave Monday, who raised $28,000 on his own. When describing how Karl-Heinz Pitsch, President and CEO of Sexy Hair Concepts, offered to have a warehouse sale and donate the proceeds to City of Hope, Goddard joked that he imagined Pitsch sitting in his driveway in a plastic lawn chair, a few bottles of shampoo scattered among the typical yard sale detritus. It was all in good fun, and as it turns out, that warehouse sale generated $71,000. The theme of this year’s event was Rock the Cure, which brings me to the second thing you may not have known about Steve Goddard: He’s an extremely talented singer/songwriter, who performs with his band, Cellar Full of Noise, at a wide range of venues in Southern California. In fact, in a galaxy far, far away, say, the 1970s, he was an audio engineer and worked with Joe Cocker, The Beach Boys and Lowell George, lead vocalist and guitarist for Little Feat. Who knew? When Goddard announced that Don Felder, former lead guitarist for The Eagles, would perform with his band, the baby boomers at my table, myself included, decided that maybe we weren’t ready to turn in just yet. Long before Felder hauled out his 12-string guitar, a sure sign that we were finally going to hear Hotel California, we’d all rushed the stage and were singing along to Life in the Fast Lane, Take it Easy and Witchy Woman. Let’s just say that our very own queen of color, Beth Minardi was smitten. “I’d bleach his hair,” she swooned. “I’ll do his roots.” All I can say, Beth, is, “Get in line.”—Marianne Dougherty, editor in chief, [email protected]

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