Wella Professionals Introduces New Color-Friendly Haircare Products

photo courtesy of brand (Wella Professionals ColorMotion+)

Wella Professionals is upping their haircare game with a ColorMotion+, a premium care line with three in-salon treatments and three at-home care products. The full collection elevates color care beyond anti-fading by improving colored hair quality in three areas: Color Protection, Vibrant Shine and Stronger Hair.

The ColorMotion+ line is ideal for stylists and client alike, especially right now as we adapt to the new normal in salon, as the line offers an express treatment for in the salon and products to extend the life of color & shine and to strengthen the hair at home.

Meet the products:


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ColorMotion+ Color Protection Shampoo
Shampoo that helps lock in color while preserving hair's smoothness and shine

ColorMotion+ Moisturizing Color Reflection Conditioner
Conditioner that helps restore hair surface quality for radiant light reflection

ColorMotion+ Structure+ Mask
A multi-benefit intensive at-home treatment featuring the Wellaplex Bonding Agent that provides strengthened hair structure, lasting manageability and up to 8 weeks of color protection. 

ColorMotion+ Express Post-Color Treatment
An express post-color treatment that strengthens the hair structure while improving color molecules retention (compared to no post-color treatment) with optimized pH. Usage: Following color service, apply evenly on clean towel-dried hair and leave in for 30 seconds. Rinse.

ColorMotion+ Pre-Color Treatment
Pre-color treatment enhances hair surface shine and prepares it for more even color results. Usage: Spray onto unwashed, dry hair, concentrating on porous parts. Dry hair lightly with a blow dryer. Continue with color application as usual. 

ColorMotion+ Scalp Protect 
Scalp protecting lotion that works to protect from potential irritation without impacting color development. Usage: Before chemical services, spread a small amount on scalp. Dry lightly with a dryer. Do not rise. Continue with color application as usual.