Why Waterless Beauty Might Be the Next Big Thing

(Waterless Beauty | Maya Chia)

From clean ingredients to waste-free packaging, the beauty world is steadily making an effort towards being more eco-conscious, and there's much more room to grow. According to an article on goodmorningamerica.com, the newest trend du jour in the sustainability sphere is waterless beauty.

Waterless products are exactly what you'd imagine—products that involve little to no water in their formulation in an effort to conserve water supply. But, how exactly does it work? The article explains that waterless beauty products come in many different forms, from powders to highly-concentrated oils. And, because the products are often more concentrated than their counterparts, it means you're able to use less.

"It's a great thing to see a trend toward more concentrated and waterless products, so that we can be more conscious of water usage," Mia Davis, director of Environmental and Social Responsibility at Credo Beauty, told GMA.


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The article goes on to list a number of brands that are leading the way in the waterless beauty space, like OWA Haircare, which created the first powder shampoo that is activated by water. Simply sprinkle some of the powder into a wet hand and rub to activate.

Another brand that's changing the way we think about ingredients is Waterl<ss, a company designed and launched with women in Cape Town during the Day Zero water crisis in early 2018. Waterl<ss offers a range of flexible non-wash day solutions that can be used without a drop of water. It's the perfect solution no matter if you’re choosing to skip a wash to save time, save water, or save your hair from the wear and tear of drying and styling.

On the skincare side of things, waterless serums are a hot topic. Maya Chia Beauty, notable skin brand in the clean beauty space, has a Supercritical Chia Waterless Wonder Balm that leaves skin hydrated, nourished and rejuvenated.