A half-dozen of the best new beauty products on the market this month

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Silver nail polish is so right for the holidays, and we rounded up four new shades that will add just the right touch of metallic glam to your manicures this season. From top: OPI Birthday Babe; Essie Steeling the Scene; Finger Paints Easel Come, Easel Go; CND Black Platinum.;;;





The Linea-Pro Nano Titanium Flat Iron in gold makes the perfect gift for all of your hairstylist friends. Its sleek, slim design has won it many fans, including stylist Jimmy Paul and celebrities like Hayden Panettiere. The ceramic plates heat up in seconds and maintain consistent heat, helping create smooth, shiny hair in just one pass.





Traffic jams and high rent are not the only things that take their toll on urbanites—pollution can also wreak havoc, especially on the skin. Save face with Murad CitySkin Night Treatment. It contains a peptide-based mushroom complex designed to detoxify skin, stimulate collagen and strengthen the skin's barrier, while reducing facial lines.





New York Streets Hair Culture Collection, the new lifestyle line of haircare and styling products from ECRU New York, is geared toward a hip, urban market. All of the products contain UV protection and are safe for color-treated hair. The Forming Gel, shown here, adds texture and dimension to all hair types.





Weave Care Heat Protecting Spritz, from SoftSheen-Carson's new line of products designed specifically to care for weaves and extensions, provides protection against the damaging effects of thermal appliances. It offers superior hold without dryness and curl-retention capability for both natural and synthetic hair.





Be extra good to your skin and pamper it with Bella Il Fiore's Whipped Body Crème. The silky body lotion is infused with aloe vera and vitamins A and E, as well as extracts of chamomile, ginseng and calendula to leave skin silky and smooth. The delicate honeysuckle-grapefruit scent will leave you wishing it was spring already.





Every hairdresser needs a stable of good brushes. Here are 16 to suit every need.

A stylist wields a hairbrush at Donna Karan.
A stylist wields a hairbrush at Donna Karan.

The hairbrush may be the hairstylist's most basic tool, but there are many varieties and sizes available, each with its own function and benefit. So how should you decide which ones you need to have in your collection? "Every stylist should have round brushes in different sizes," says Jenny Balding, a senior stylist at Cutler NYC Salon in New York City and a regular stylist at Fashion Week. "They're very multitasking. A round brush can be helpful to smooth out thick hair or to give fine hair volume." Balding recommends using paddle brushes for straightening and smoothing thick, medium-length or long hair during blow-drying, because the rectangular shape covers more area. Oval cushion brushes, on the other hand, can be used for styling updos. But Balding stresses that technique is critical. "How you use a brush is more important than exactly which kind you're using," she says. Here, we've rounded up 16 brushes to help you create any style you desire. —LOTUS ABRAMS


Shapely Styler


The 100-percent reinforced boar bristle Marilyn Thermal Red Ceramica brush holds up to 180 degrees of heat and has an anatomic shape that allows for maximum tension of the hair.



Twice as Nice


Men will appreciate the versatility of Diane Brushes 100% Boar 2-sided Club Brush, which has reinforced boar bristles that are soft on one side and firm on the other.





The innovative design of the Turbo Power Booster 60 Magnesium brush, which has 60 millimeters of flat, thermal surface and double rows of bristles, enables detangling, drying and straightening long hair.



Scalp Massage


The Paul Mitchell Paddle Brush provides optimum control. The ball-ended nylon pins gently penetrate the hair to massage the scalp, while an air-cushioned pad eliminates pull.



High-Tech Paddle


The Big Brush Company Paddle brush combines ionic, ceramic, heat-resistant and anti-static technologies for smooth, beautiful hairstyles. Nano-silver technology inhibits bacteria.



Blowout Buddy


The unique spiral barrel of this Conair Infiniti boar-bristle brush maximizes airflow, while tourmaline ionic-ceramic technology makes hair shiny and prevents static.



Static Eliminator


The Cricket Company Visagé Thermal Brush features a brushed-aluminum finish, nonslip rubber inserts, a seamless thermal barrel and heat-resistant, static-free, tourmaline-ionic nylon bristles that help infuse moisture and shine into the hair.



Quicker Blow-Drying


Available in three sizes, John Masters Organics Ceramic Ionic Brush features a ceramic barrel that reflects hot air, resulting in reduced blow-drying time.



Tourmaline Technology


Lightweight and comfortable, the T3 Tourmaline Ionic Bristling brush utilizes tourmaline technology to eliminate static electricity and deliver smooth, shiny hair.



Turn Up the Shine


The iTech Thermal Magnetic & Tourmaline Boar Bristle Brush has an aluminum barrel for faster drying and styling, while tourmaline ions encourage healthy, silky hair.



Gentle Brushing


TIGI Professional's Hardcore Cushion Brush prevents tugging and detangles short or medium-length hair without breakage. The rounded bristles help to massage the scalp.



Properly Polished


Designed to stimulate the scalp and polish the hair shaft, the Acca Kappa Professional Pneumatic Brush with Boar Bristles features a natural rubber cushion and a kotibe wood handle.



Classic Elegance


Like all Mason Pearson brushes, the Handy Bristle boar bristle brush is meticulously crafted, featuring spired, uneven tufts of bristles set in a pneumatic rubber cushion. 800/645-6503; 516/599-1776 in New York State





The boar bristles on the Arrojo Round Paddle Brush enable perfectly groomed, straight and frizz-free looks, while longer nylon bristle strands penetrate the hair to massage the scalp and detangle unruly tresses.



Gentle on Extensions


Sheila Stotts' Application Brush for use with extensions prevents static and features a signature wooden handle and metal bristles that detangle quickly and never catch on bonds.



Fine Hair Friend


Ideal for fine to medium hair, the HAI Nylon Paddle Brush features nylon bristles that are fused with tourmaline to create an ionic charge when activated by heat.





It's okay. Cheat. Skip the eight glasses of water. We won't tell. We found 22 deep conditioners to keep your clients' hair luxuriously moisturized.

Deep conditioning keeps hair in tip-top shape.
Deep conditioning keeps hair in tip-top shape.

Save the shallowness for your favorite silly, feel-good flicks. We all want something deeper when it comes to our hair. Intensive conditioners offer deeper moisture, deeper protection and deeper shine than products designed for everyday use. But they shouldn't be used as a quick fix. "Rather than just trying to fix a problem, deep conditioning helps prevent hair from having a future problem," says David Cannell, Ph.D., senior vice president of Redken research and development. Deep conditioning can improve hair's elasticity and overall health to protect against damage from the environment, heat and chemicals. These hydrating products come in a variety of textures, from creams to serums, to suit the specific needs of your client's hair, but they don't perform equally on everyone. "What's good for one hair type and condition may be bad for another," Cannell says. "You wouldn't want to use a heavy moisturizer on fine or limp hair." Like luxurious weekly vitamins for the hair, these 22 deep conditioners will have you plunging into the deep end. —ASHLEY LUDGOOD

1. Mint Condition. An eco-conscious deep conditioner, ABBA Pure Recovery Conditioner mixes herbs like lavender, juniper and peppermint to produce a soothing effect, as well as to condition strands. The product is ideal for chemically treated hair.


2. Perfect 10. For all hair types, Alterna TEN Hair Masque fuses 10 luxurious, exotic deep-conditioning ingredients like Champagne grape seed oil, Arabian frankincense and African cacao extract for extraordinarily healthy hair.


3. Italian Intensity. Ideal for processed or damaged hair, Barex Italiana Intensive Care Mask is formulated to detoxify hair from impurities, heal environmental damage, protect and strengthen each strand and leave a healthy shine.


4. Essential Therapy. Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment harmonizes six different essential oils with proteins and vitamins to repair damaged hair and protect it from the elements.


5. Butter Me Up. For preserving haircolor while revitalizing hair, Empower Pack Hair Nourishing Mask merges hydrating shea butter, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, sunflower seed oil and color-protecting apricot kernels.


6. In Living Color. Goldwell Innereffect Repower and Color Live penetrates the hair with proteins for enhanced volume and body. To protect haircolor, the treatment also contains UV filters and antioxidants.


7. Hydration Temptation. Joico K-PAK Intense Hydrator improves the elasticity of hair and prevents breakage by restoring moisture throughout the hair shaft. The treatment contains ionic proteins to leave hair soft and manageable.


8. Wheat Treat. For drastic, immediate results, Keune Care Line Intensive Hair Repair contains wheat micro-proteins to fortify and nourish dry, fragile hair from the inside out.


9. Bamboo Breakthrough. Lisap Top Care Intensive Hair Repair Mask combines the Aminocare Complex and bamboo to restructure severely dry, damaged or color-treated hair and leave it strong and supple.


10. Bead-Dazzler. Kissed by a clean, ginger-verbena scent, KIS Beaded Deep Conditioner contains tiny beads that release jojoba oils, exfoliate the scalp and deep-condition the hair shaft.


11. Triple Threat. Nioxin Intensive Therapy Deep Repair Hair Masque fights extreme dryness and chemical damage with a triple-strength formula to penetrate the hair and increase performance.


12. Prescribed Beauty. P2 HairRx Deep Hair and Scalp Treatment balances natural proteins from silk, wheat and calcium with minerals and vitamins to nourish the hair, and uses skincare-worthy ingredients to seal in moisture.


13. Flex and Muscle. Paul Mitchell Super Strong Treatment incorporates lipid conditioners, the Super Strong Complex and amino acids from wheat proteins to improve elasticity and protect hair from future damage.


14. Shine Like Silk. A professional salon service, Pravana Silk Degrees Shine Treatment is a demi-permanent, two-phase process that infuses the hair with botanical ingredients for long-lasting moisture and silk for luminous shine.


15. Fine Tuning. Profound Beauty presents 40/60 Anti-Oxidant Mask for deep-conditioning fine hair. The mask hydrates, repairs and strengthens without causing buildup.


16. Hello Aloe. The TIGI Catwalk line's Headshot Reconstructive Intense Conditioner transforms parched tresses with wheat proteins for shine. Rose hip and ginseng extracts protect against the elements, while aloe provides body.


17. Moisture Max-Out. To improve the manageability of hair, Wella offers System Professional Hydro Mask, a powerful conditioning mask with the ability to increase moisture in the shaft up to 100 percent.


18. Deep and Delicious. With the scent of chocolate-mint, ThermaFuse Intense Repair provides UV protection and blends organic ingredients like soy and oats with silk protein to moisturize the inside of the strand and seal the outside. The Hydrating Complex provides control and body.


19. Big Apple. An apple-scented treat containing vitamins E and A, Strong Sexy Hair Strengthening and Revitalizing Treatment restores fragile, dry hair to soft, shiny locks.


20. Hair Repair. Softsheen-Carson Optimum Salon Repair Intensive Reconstructor rescues heat-distressed and chemically damaged hair with intense lipids and proteins to repair the most brittle parts of the hair shaft.


21. Lucky Seven. Roux Fermodyl comes in seven customized formulas to condition a wide range of hair types. It can be used before or after chemical treatments.


22. Smooth Talker. Use Redken Smooth Down Butter Treat as either a leave-in or a rinse-out conditioner. It contains smoothing agents and humectants to reduce frizz.






Vo reveals holiday color and style trends.

Ahhh, the holidays. For those of us in the hair biz, this time of year usually conjures up images of overbooked schedules, longer-than-long days and precious tchotchkes from well-meaning clients, bearing images of scissors and blow-dryers. On the bright side, it also represents the debut of the hair trends that we can expect to see in the coming year.

The big news is that highlights are over. Obvious streaks and visible roots are elements of the past, but subtle flecks of different colors that mimic the variations in natural hair are fine. It's a classic look reminiscent of '50s and '60s Hollywood starlets like Ann-Margret, Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren. The bad news about this change is that clients who embraced highlights will no longer be booking appointments for them. The good news, however, is that clients will need to visit your salon every three weeks to maintain their new one-dimensional color with the proper panache.


Whether your client is a blonde, brunette or redhead, her color must be even from roots to end. It must also be rich and polished, with a mirrorlike shine. The former means a commitment to more salon time, while the latter requires the use of a glaze or gloss to get that dazzling brilliance. Most glazes are activated by 3 percent peroxide—think of them as the oil paint of haircolor. My favorite is Redken Shades EQ. Glosses, which are peroxide-free, seal the cuticle, let hair breathe and impart ultra-shine—they are the watercolor of haircolor.

Kate Walsh of Private Practice
Kate Walsh of Private Practice

In terms of style, two popular new looks that made their debut at the Emmy Awards will be further unveiled this holiday season: the faux bob and the asymmetrical updo. Desperate Housewives' Eva Longoria pinned up her long locks to give the illusion of a fresh, slightly tousled bob. The result was a fabulous shorter look without the need to sacrifice length. Meanwhile, Kate Walsh of Private Practice sported the off-to-one-side, cascade-of-hair-down-the-other-side look, which just screams retro-Hollywood glamour.

Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives at the Emmys
Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives at the Emmys

As a final note, extensions are still in, but with a new role. Instead of being used to add length, they'll now be providing extra thickness to hair.

As we bid farewell to the trends of 2006, we can look forward to doing some new and exciting things in the New Year. So gear up for single colors; don't drink too much eggnog; and good luck finding a place to display your holiday collection of "My Favorite Hairstylist" mugs. —E-mail Kim Vo at [email protected].


Quick Fix


PAUL MITCHELL's Backtrack haircolor removal system is designed to safely and effectively remove demi-permanent and permanent haircolor without lifting natural color. It's ideal for use prior to corrective color applications, even on highly processed hair. You simply process it until the desired level of color removal has occurred, allowing for accurate color correction to take place. —C.W.





The metallic trend is still going strong, but with the release of REDKEN's limited-edition Metallic Glam Collection, those shiny shades are no longer limited to shoes and bags. While designed as stand-alone, high-fashion hues, the eight new colors may be combined with a variety of existing Color Fusion and Shades EQ colors for added impact. But whether you use them all over for serious glam or in targeted areas to accentuate a haircut, they will impart a subtle titanium undertone with a powdery and sheer metallic reflection. —C.W.





With KEUNE's new Red Booster, creating vibrant red haircolor is a cinch. Containing Color Infusion Technology, which consists of a combination of intensifiers, Red Booster can generate brilliant reds when mixed with Keune's Tinta Color red shades, even on dark levels. Colorists simply add one or two capsules to the haircolor formula to achieve the desired intensity. —L.A.