Au Naturale Launches Jetsetter Collection

What could be better then having five of the hottest, most on-trend lip colors from some of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan cities in your makeup bag? Having the five hottest, most on-trend certified-organic lipsticks in your makeup bag from those cities! Au Naturale Cosmetics and Julie Henderson have made this possible with their latest collaboration – The Jetsetter Collection. They cherry-picked cities from across the globe and the colors featured in a recent London Daily Times article that touched on the cities most-purchased lip color. “Our inspiration was a fresh and organic take on the colors most popular around the globe,” stated Ashley Prange, founder of Au Naturale. 

The cities featured in Au Naturale’s Jetsetter Collection are: New York – classic red, London – caramel nude, Shanghai – sheer coral, Paris – dusky rose and Dubai – rose pink. “This collection is unique as we will continue to expand it with the most-purchased colors from other major cities around the globe,” noted Julie Henderson. With 50 cities identified in the London Daily Times article, Prange admits, “Part of the appeal to creating this collection was it’s continued potential for growth.” All of Au Naturale's lipsticks are rich in pigment and boast a nourishing formula infused with organic oil. Their lipsticks nourish with organic avocado oil, moisturize with organic cocoa butter, and repair skin health with organic macadamia nut oil. Au Naturale lipsticks noticeably improve skin health while providing long lasting, naturally beautiful color that can be applied from the container directly to the lips, or with a lip brush. 

Ashley Prange developed Au Naturale Cosmetics after seeing the need for a modern, organic, and principled makeup line, in a cosmetics industry dominated by toxic ingredients and compromised ethics. Ashley believes that no woman should have to sacrifice her health and values for beauty. Au Naturale Cosmetics connects professional artistry with environmental stewardship and social responsibility, offering an innovative makeup line rich in color, purity and texture.


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Sourced and produced in the USA, Au Naturale Cosmetics is made of only the highest quality ingredients that are free from lead, fragrances, parabens, nano-particles and sulfates often found in other makeup lines.  They offer hues to complement every skin tone. 

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