Making Faces: Brian Strumwasser On Living His Dream

After a few years of hitting the pavement and knocking on backstage doors, 29-year-old Brian Strumwasser is living his dream as a much sought after makeup designer on Broadway. Working on the hit shows Fish in the Dark and a Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, he has painted the faces of celebrities such as Larry David, Jason Alexander and Rosie Perez, just to name a few. Although some would be intimidated working with such big names, Strumwasser takes it all in stride,

“I was a makeup swing on the revival of Cabaret with Alan Cumming and had to paint him from his bottom up,” he says. “It’s amazing how quickly you become comfortable with a person after being so intimate.” This is only the beginning for Strumwasser, who believes that never giving up on your passion is the key to success. 


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