For These Industry Pros Tattoos are The Perfect Form of Self-Expression

Think Ink

Gone are the days when tattoos were the mark of sailors, prison inmates and motorcycle gangs. From subculture to pop culture, they’ve become a beautiful form of self-expression and a meaningful way to document experiences lived. For Joseph DiMaggio, master session ambassador and lead educator for Davines, it was important that every single tattoo had meaning for him. “They're either a memory, a lesson learned, a struggle I’ve overcome or an homage to a family member. Things I connect with. Little reminders of why I am where I am today. A map of my life,” he says. Some special ones are the scissors on the thumb of his right hand, his cutting finger—“My hands are my livelihood,” he says. Like DiMaggio, the hair talents on these pages are also proud to wear their art on their sleeve. —Maureen Sheen, Senior Editor



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