Heyday: The Facial Shop Du Jour

HAVING OPENED ITS DOORS just this past June, Heyday has quickly become the facial shop du jour in New York City’s Madison Square Park neighborhood. Offering thirty- or fifty-minute customizable treatments at $60 and $95 respectively, with extras like microdermabrasion, chemical peels and other enhancements at an additional $35 flat rate, the space is conveniently open seven days a week. “In our research, we saw a disconnect between the benefits of a facial treatment and how it is presently being offered and consumed in the industry. We have a large population who wants to have facials more regularly, but does not because of time,

cost and inconvenience,” says Heyday Founder and CEO, Adam Ross. The idea at Heyday was to take the facial out of the spa environment so clients don’t think of it as a beauty indulgence but rather a part of a health-and- wellness lifestyle. “Consumers would prefer you to be the best at one thing rather than good enough across a number of different offerings,” says Ross. “Specialization matters. With Heyday, we are looking to address the key friction points of time, cost and convenience so professional skin care is accessible to everyone. And importantly, we can address all these points without there being a trade-off in the quality of the facial treatments that we are providing.”