BeautyMatch by Centred: A New Way for Clients and Stylists to Connect

While techies in Silicon Valley are fervently designing booking apps that eliminate the need for spas and salons—think house calls and traveling beauty squads—30-year industry veteran and former salon owner Joel Mallet has designed the BeautyMatch by Centred app to do the opposite. Inspired by dating apps and the idea that you can match beauty pros with clients based on treatment, expertise, and product preference, BeautyMatch by Centred gets clients into the spa and salon by connecting them with a pro that offers exactly what they’re looking for. “It’s a social connection—but instead of saying ‘I want a blue-eyed 6-foot-tall guy who likes tennis,’ it is, ‘I want a blowout on Wednesday in Chicago.’”

For instance, a client is visiting a different city for work and they’re looking for an esthetician to perform a facial using a specific brand of skincare products—BeautyMatch by Centred will connect them with the pro that meets these criteria. 

BeautyMatch was acquired by Centred—centred-wellness.com—in December 2020 and, together, their goal is to be in every wellness and beauty transaction in the world. There are currently 55 million+ Centred users, which leaves a massive opportunity to connect with people needing a variety of beauty treatments worldwide. The BeautyMatch app itself is free to use, which allows clients to seamlessly connect with spas, salons, and beauty experts in the post-COVID age.

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How It Works for Spas, Salons, and Beauty Professionals

Once the spa, salon, or beauty professional receives the appointment request, they have complete control over how to move forward. This includes deciding whether to answer the appointment request, creating pricing, and confirming availability. BeautyMatch by Centred is currently invite-only for beauty experts to ensure quality, but in the future, Mallet plans to roll out an application for beauty professionals nationwide. Bonus features are that it works with all software systems and the transaction can occur within the app, similar to Venmo.

How It Works for Clients

Step 1: The client creates a profile with a selfie and information about their beauty routine (services, products, and more). Then, they select the city where they’re looking for spa or salon services and the distance they’re willing to travel, and send a request through the app. 

Step 2: Beauty professionals that are a match get an alert and reach out to the client if they’re interested. Through the app, the client and beauty pro can chat about products and other details, and even send an inspiration picture before the appointment. BeautyMatch by Centred works to develop a rapport between the beauty professional and client before they meet, making it both easy to manage expectations for the professional and to price the service appropriately. 

Step 3: When the client and beauty expert agree on price, timing, and location, simply confirm the appointment. The BeautyMatch app requires up-front payment for confirmed appointments to avoid no shows, but it is otherwise free for both clients and beauty professionals to use. 

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