Customizable & Natural Wigs for the Holiday Shopping Season

Wigs are often seen as the solution to hair loss or for costume uses. Nowadays, as wigs become more affordable and natural-looking, they have become part of fashion style, showcasing the personal taste of each unique individual. Meanwhile, the increasing demand has also brought design and R&D challenges to wig producers.

As a global-leading wig production company, Xuchang Fuxin Hair (Fuxin Hair) has worked on wig design and materials for over 20 years, bringing quality wigs in up-to-trend styles to consumers worldwide. Unlike other wig brands that focus on only the look, Fuxin Hair also dedicates to constantly delivering the best wig-wearing experience with style and comfort.

One big concern for wearing wigs, especially for consumers living in hot and humid weather areas, is the itchy and sweaty feeling from the wigs directly touching the scalp. To overcome this problem, Foxen, Fuxin's sub-brand with a high-end product line, uses only raw materials that are skin safe to prevent any discomfort or potential chemical harm. Cleaned with soft water, every single piece of authentic human hair undergoes thermophilic digestion, and at least six likewise procedures to be thoroughly sanitized until entirely harmless for use. During the knitting stage, which is the most critical phase for wig production, Foxen insists on using handmade techniques for much lighter and more natural-looking wigs, presenting the brand's craftsmanship with every stitch performed by experienced wig makers.

By using quality silk materials, Foxen's wig nets further ensure consumers' wig-wearing comfort with excellent durability and air permeability.

Foxen is working way beyond the basics of product quality and customer experience. To produce an elastic, transparent, and vivid texture that every fashionista dreams of, Foxen carefully picks premium materials from Japan, Korea, and Switzerland to make sure its wigs are not only skin-safe and lightweight but also environmental-friendly. Foxen also uses the spinning-needle technique to create a gorgeous and delicate design that looks artsy yet natural.

As the fall and winter seasons start, holiday shopping is also on its way. According to the webinar Forward Looking 2021 Shopping Season under the Comeback conducted by, wigs are among the most popular purchasing products. Nevertheless, the increasing consumer demand can hardly be met due to supply chain inefficiency for online retail. As a result of the global supply chain crisis, corporate costs have also increased, according to the Associated Press.

It's certainly challenging for suppliers to deal with industry crises in a post-pandemic world, such as labor shortage and supply chain disruption. To combat the crises, Fuxin Hair joined's highly selective program called the Elite Partner Event. With valued services Elite Partner Event provide, including On-time Delivery Service [1], Delivered Duty Paid [2], and smart logistic solutions, Fuxin Hair is able to strengthen trust relationship with worldwide clients further and boost international sales by delivering quality wigs on time.

Fuxin Hair's mission is to bring each unique individual confidence and self-appreciation through wig-wearing. By constantly exploring, innovating, and developing, Fuxin Hair is committed to delivering a free and comfortable experience with personalized styles.

[1] On-time Delivery service is applicable on select products only and subject to Terms & Conditions.

[2] Delivered Duty Paid is applicable on select products only and subject to Terms & Conditions.

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