7 Steps to a Silky, Smooth Blowout


Frizz is the enemy when humid weather rolls around. Donovan Mills (@donavanmillshair), a PRAVANA guest artist and stylist at Ramirez Tran Salon calls on the new PRAVANA POLISH & ReUNITE styling cream to create a sleek blowout that clients can’t quite replicate. Check out the video and steps below.  


1) Apply a quarter-size amount of PRAVANA’s POLISH & ReUINTE styling cream to damp or dry hair from mid-shaft to ends. It can also be applied to dry hair for an extra-sealed finish.  

2) Secure nozzle onto blowdryer with the opening turned vertically. Set your blowdryer to medium heat, high speed.  

3) Starting at the front of the face, smooth out the baby hairs before sectioning.  

4) Create a triangle section on the top of the head for the face-framing pieces.  

5) Starting at the center point of the top triangle, create a vertical line behind the left ear. Repeat on the right side.  

6) Starting on the right side, work in horizontal sub sections. Maintain brush tension while smoothing from base to ends. Take your time, moving the brush and dryer over hair slowly to get ultimate sleekness. (Pro tip: using a one-inch round brush will allow for more control and body) 

7) Repeat on the left side, then the front and finally the back.