Color How-To: Fall Blonde

Actress Emily Blunt proved that going darker for Fall is a good “rule” to break! The previously brunette actress revealed all-over lighter locks at New York Fashion Week last month, just as Fall began to set in. Recreate her transformation using the NEW Blonde Wand, Pure Light Crème Lightener and ChromaSilk ColorLush for silky blonde hair – with less damage than traditional lightening processes. PRAVANA Artistic Regional Trainer Lissette Cruz (@lissettecruz) put together the below formulas and technique to help you get your clients beautifully blonde, quickly and safely!
FORMULA 1: 1 part Pure Light Creme Lightener + 2 Parts 20 vol Crème Developer
FORMULA 2: 1Ž2 oz. ChromaSilk ColorLush 8N Double Latte + 1Ž2 oz. 6G Golden Goddess + 1 oz ColorLush Activator
FORMULA 3: 1 oz. ChromaSilk ColorLush Clear + 1 oz. ColorLush Activator

  1. Begin with a large stitch on an angled panel above the ear. Start your section from the hairline towards the back slightly behind the ear. This type of sectioning is quick and easy and provides the opportunity to maximize your blonding capabilities using 5-8 foils in 2 sections on the head, without having to create a third section.
  2. Apply Pure Light Crème Lightener FORMULA 1 to the ends and work your way up to the scalp. Make sure to feather the lightener in at the scalp to avoid harsh lines.
  3. Work your way up to the client’s natural part, keeping slightly angled horizontal sections.
  4. Process! Use The Blonde Wand for a quick lightening service and watch the hair lift in under 10 seconds!
  5.  Shampoo with NEVO Moisture Rich sulfate-free Shampoo, then towel dry. Apply ColorLush FORMULA 2 to the regrowth area to deposit shadow root color.
  6.  Apply FORMULA 3 from roots to ends to create a seamless blend and add extra shine!
  7.  Shampoo, condition and rinse with NEVO Moisture Rich sulfate-free Shampoo and Conditioner. Style as desired. 

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