This Technique Can Help You Bring Depth Back to Blondes


As much as we'd enjoy the extra money, our clients don't always have the time or means to spend on frequent hair touch ups. Sometimes it's easier to completely switch up their style and give them an easier-to-maintain look. 

That's exactly what hairstylist and educator Amy McManus (@camouflageandbalayage) did for her former completely platinum client. "I wanted to bring her to a more dimensional icy blonde while keeping it easy for her to maintain," McManus says. Using a reverse balayage technique to surface-paint depth back into the hair, here's how she achieved the look. 

Get the Look:

  • Add face-framing highlights and teased using Oligo Blacklight Extra Blonde Lightener with 20-volume developer.
  • To add depth back, use a reverse balayage technique in between the foils using equal parts Paul Mitchell PM Shines 6N + 6Bv.
  • After processing highlights to pale yellow (approximately 30-40 minutes), rinse and shampoo with Oligo Violet Shampoo and tone with PM Shines 9Bv on wet hair for 10 minutes.
  • Rinse and style as desired.