Color How-To: Neon

Want to stop them dead in their tracks with the brightest, boldest hair color around? Reach for the PRAVANA NEONS and get to glowing!
PRAVANA Artistic Color Director Vadre Grigsby created NEON electric magic with a stunning Block n’ Roll NEONS technique using Neon Orange and Neon Yellow. This show-stopping look doesn’t just end there – these colors also GLOW under a blacklight! Styled by the talented celebrity stylist Marcia Hamilton, these gorgeous, glowing locks prove that you can never truly shine too bright.


PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS NEONS were established in 2014 and are 5 blindingly bright colors (Neon Orange, Neon Yellow, Neon Pink, Neon Purple and Neon Blue) - some contain special dye pigment that actually glow under blacklight! This collection is perfect for clients who are looking for some seriously bold hair, or even those looking for a few pops of color in between their natural color. NEONS are also great as additives to custom VIVIDS creations for a touch of brightness.

About: VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare provides all the essential tools to preserve color vitality and vibrancy like no other product available. Specifically formulated to work with the very special cationic dye system employed in VIVIDS and PASTEL colors, VIVIDS Color Protect aftercare works to ensure long-lasting, bright color. For more information visit