Fashion Week How-To: Tie Dye Color

Redken Artist Sean Godard collaborated with Baja East designers, John Targon and Scott Studenberg to translate the tie dye elements in this season’s collection into on-trend hair. Godard worked with 33 female and six male models at the show. Four models had blue hair using City Beats – Crystal Renn (light blue), Chloe Norgaard (light blue), Duckie Thot (dark blue), and Ines Rao (dark blue). Soo Joo Park was also in the show, making a total of (3) Redken Muses present (Chloe, Crystal & Soo Joo). This is the third season Godard has worked as colorist for the Baja East designers.


Get the Look:

“Today, we are seeing color everywhere. People are changing their hair color as often as one changes their makeup. It’s all about having fun and being inspired,” says Redken Artist, Sean. “For Baja East this season, Scott and John were inspired to dye their hair by the tie dye elements seen in their collection this season. It’s really one of the staples seen in the clothes, so we wanted to somehow translate that onto the hair. We used pH-Bonder for the lightening and City Beats colors to create the tie dye effect. I was also able to soften the application using the Redken’s new edging brush.”—Godard



City Beats colors used during the service: Times Square Teal, Brooklyn Blue, Clear Highline Green