Olivia Palermo’s New Piece-y Lob

Celebrity Stylist Andre Davis, from Julien Farel Restore Salon & Spa, recently cut and styled Olivia Palermo’s hair in a long, piece-y bob for summer. He was inspired by her lob that he created in 2008—the cut that started the lob trend. "This time I put a slightly different spin on it with a less angled line," says Davis. "This cut has more movement and layers behind the framing, giving it a fresher look."

About the Style 

  • This cut looks great on most face shapes, particularly square shapes, because it makes sharper features look softer.

  • Because of the shaping and texture of the cut, you don't need that much product. I love working in Julien Farel's Inflate Volumizing Balm

  • To give the hair a nice lift at the roots, use a 2" curling iron for waves, making it more uncontrived and free flowing.


  1. I start in freshly washed and conditioned hair. I recommend the Vitamin Shampoo and Conditioner for processed hair.
  2. I start with cutting the length which is very important because I love movement. I cut on a slight angle back mid neck in back, and angle down the front just above the collar bone.
  3. Now for movement, I section out the front to frame the face. You want this to remain one length.
  4. I add medium to long layers for movement behind the framing of the face back 3" in
  5. You do you finishing touches in regards to texturizing (optional) I recommend the Flexible Paste.
  6. You don't need many products for this cut. This Lob is shorter than the Lob I created for Olivia Palermo back in 2008, and it has more movement and texture. All you will need if you like to use product is mousse and a great volumizing balm like the Inflate Volumizing BalmDe-Frizz Relaxing Balm for smoothing out the hair for curly or frizzy hair.



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