Hairbrained How-To: Curls with Douglas McCoy

Whether you’re wielding a curling iron or embracing natural-born texture, there’s something positively carefree about a head full of curls. Nobody knows this better than Douglas McCoy of the House Of POp, who expertly blends nostalgia with a cool, modern aesthetic. Check out this simple tutorial, and discover how to create three distinct looks that span the decades – and get a free-spirited vibe you’ll love!


Step 1: Start with a great cut. Any great look starts with a good cut. Here, we implemented a long razor cut. To lighten the shape, we added some disruption to the shape through the interior. 

Step 2: The wet set. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that nothing holds up better than a classic wet set. To set the foundation, we prepped the hair from root to tip with Dallas Thickening Spray by R+Co, and we created our wet set using multiple sized Bendie Rods. Then we placed our model under the dryer until locks were completely dry.

•    Look 1: 70’s inspired texture. To create our first look, a cool retro style inspired by Stevie Nicks circa the 1970’s, we began by removing the rods. Next, we inverted our models head, and brushed vigorously with a natural bristle brush. This style is defined by its amazing texture and it’s light frizziness – it’s quite chic. 

•    Look 2: Radical 80’s curl. To create our next style, we added Tinsel Soothing Oil by R+Co, which can help to add shine and definition to our curls. To amplify volume, we continued to brush. Ultimately, we end up with luscious curls that are fully defined.

•    Look 3: ‘Lived-in’ 90’s grunge. To get that perfect 90’s feel, we added Mannequin Styling Paste by R+Co, which leaves the hair with perfectly defined texture – and a lived-in feel – that’s quintessential 90’s.

So whether you’re curly girl savvy or just beginning to experiment with texture, you can use these simple techniques to create a glamorous look that both you – and your client – will love.

Check out this ‘Steps’ video – plus many more inspirational pieces – at

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