Color How-To: Haute Chocolate

With a new season approaching, those in the know may be ready to make a bold beauty move, trading in lighter locks for ones imbued with warmer, sumptuous hues. Right on cue, John Paul Mitchell Systems delivers major hair inspo with a confection crafted using Paul Mitchell The Color’s new Chocolate+ Series, featuring six high-performing shades that provide extra gray coverage. 


2 oz. Paul Mitchell The Color 9CH+ 

2 oz. 20-volume Developer


3 oz. Paul Mitchell The Color 7CH+ 

3 oz. 30-volume Developer


3 oz. Paul Mitchell The Color 9CH+ 

3 oz. 30-volume Developer 

Here’s how to achieve the look:

1. Find the natural part, splitting the front segment into two and clipping; then create a center-back parting, clipping both segments. 

2. Create three diagonal-forward segments on each side and adjust the density based on the hair.

3. Starting in back at the bottom nape, apply the Base Formula from the scalp to the ends.

4. After moving to the left segment, create ¼-inch subsections to apply color, ensuring control and saturation.

5. Apply the Base Formula, blending the Lowlight Formula through the mid-shaft and ends.

6. On the final subsection, weave off the top. Feather on Formula 2 from the mid-shaft to ends.

7. Move to the right segment, mirroring the left; alternate from each side, moving up the head.

8. After cleansing and conditioning the hair, prep damp strands with Paul Mitchell Neuro Prime and Neuro Lift before blow-drying them with Paul Mitchell Neuro Dry and a Large Neuro Round Brush. 

9. Finish by spraying one-inch sections with Paul Mitchell Neuro Protect before wrapping them around a Paul Mitchell Neuro 1-inch Styling Rod.

10. Fingercomb waves; then mist with Paul Mitchell Neuro Finish Spray.