How to Achieve The Perfect Amount of Blonde Dimension

(Redken Facebook Live before + after)

Balancing the fine line between beautiful dimension and too much darkness is a constant struggle colorists face with blonde clients. Redken Artist Julie Lahr (@julie_lahr) hopped on American Salon’s Facebook Live this week to teach us her ways by creating a subtle root shadow effect and bright color melt using the new Redken Shades EQ Gloss Level 10s, 010N and 010VV.  

“The palette of a level 10 is something that the stylists have been asking for with our Shades EQ Gloss for a long time. So, we’re really excited for that new launch and all the many uses that they will have for those level 10s,” Lahr says. Get one step closer to becoming a blonding expert by watching the video below.  


Roots: Two parts Redken Shades EQ Gloss 07NA, one part Redken Shades EQ Gloss 08VB, Redken Shades EQ Processing Solution 

Mid-shaft: Redken Shades EQ Gloss 010VV 

Ends: Redken Shades EQ Gloss 010N 


  1. For the roots, draw thick lines of product on the scalp. Don’t thumb through the product, just create long beads of the product directly on the scalp in between thin sections of hair. Leave out the hairline to keep it brighter.  
  2. Stop after doing a large section and pull the hair in different directions. This will quickly create a bleed out effect.  
  3. Start the melt with Shades EQ 010VV. Holding a thin section of hair against your hand put some product in the hair a few centimeters from where the root shadow color ends. Use an edging brush to smooth and blend it together. Pull the 10VV out as far as you think is necessary.  
  4. Apply 010N to the ends, stopping as far up as you’d like depending on how much warmth you want in the hair.  
  5. Take the next section. When taking sections make sure it’s as arbitrary and natural as possible. Repeat all over the head, leaving out the hairline.  
  6. With the hairline sections, take the edging brush and pull the section back over the root shadow color, and gently press the roots of the section into it. Make sure it isn’t as saturated or elongated as the rest of the root color on the head. Don’t stretch the 10VV as far as the rest of the head, use more of the 10N instead on the front pieces.