How-To: Chrissy Teigen's Fall-ayage

PRAVANA stylist Jamie Muniz shares the below formula and technique to recreate Chrissy's cascading balayage look, a perfect color technique for Fall, using ChromaSilk Crème Color for rich, long-lasting color, Pure Light Balayage Lightener for the best balayage and ChromaSilk Express Tones for healthy, shiny hair.

FORMULA 1: ChromaSilk 6.11 and 20 PRAVANA Volume Creme Developer

FORMULA 2: Pure Light Balayage Lightener and PRAVANA High Activator

FORMULA 3: Equal parts ChromaSilk Express Tones in Natural and Beige


1. Apply FORMULA 1 from the heat zone to the mid-length then apply at the scalp all over. 2. Starting at the nape and working up, apply FORMULA 2 to varying lengths on each section, overlapping and pulling FORMULA 1 down to meet FORMULA 2 where needed. 

3. Once in the crown, move to the sides and work up to the parietal ridge then into the top of the head.

4. Around the face and through the top of the head, apply FORMULA 2 closer to the scalp to create fine, highlighted strands. 

5. Process until desired lightness is achieved. Rinse and shampoo the hair with NEVO Reparative Shampoo. 

6. Apply FORMULA 3, starting the application in the back, working forward and at the base.  

7. Then, apply FORMULA 3 to the mid-shaft starting in the back and working up.  

8. Finally, pull FORMULA 3 through the ends for 5 minutes.

9. Rinse and condition with NEVO Moisture Rich Shampoo and Conditioner. Style as desired. 

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