How-To: Flashdance Curls

Oribe Global Brand Ambassador James Pecis recreated Jennifer Beals’ iconic curl shag from cult classic film Flashdance using Oribe’s new Free Styler Working Hairspray. The modern, flexible hairspray gives light hold which maintains the shape while keeping curls soft and full. The result is chic, tousled perfection.

Step 1: Starting with clean dry hair, mist Oribe’s Free Styler Working Hairspray all through the hair. Use a 3/4” curling iron alternating the way you wrap the hair around the curling iron for each section.

Step 2: Run your hands through the curls for some separation. 

Step 3: To finish spray another light coating of Oribe’s Free Styler Working Hairspray throughout the hair for an extra boost of hold.