How-To: Men's Short Layer Crop

This timeless style from Andis is all about the “less is more” approach that we’re seeing lately. This look requires very little effort to maintain, making the crop a versatile option. By using the following steps, you can execute a look that can be both professional and casual for men of all ages.

Step 1 Start by wetting the hair and sectioning it from front to back. Grab your Andis Cordless Envy Li, or your adjustable blade clipper of choice, throw on a #1 attachment comb, and begin the fade in the back.

Step 2 Graduate the fade with your blade in the closed position with #1 attachment. Then, open the blade with no attachment. Finally, finish the fade with a closed blade around the edges. Use the “C-stroke” motion to get a close taper along the nape.

Step 3 To get that polished finished look, use the Slimline Pro Li trimmer to set a sharp edge, then use an Andis ProFoil Lithium shaver on the neck for a smooth finish.

Step 4 Moving to the front of the head, use clipper-over-finger technique with a one-finger elevation for softness. Next, create an interior guide by making a vertical 90-degree section down the center of the head. Widen the top using horizontal 90-degree sections up to the crown area.

Step 5 Complete the sides using vertical 90-degree sections. Use the Andis gray cutting comb with the Andis Cordless Envy Li for proper blend between top interior and faded area. Start in the back with the blade in the closed position then complete with open blade for the next rotation.

Step 6 Using the point-cutting technique, texturize the top with the Andis SlimLine Pro Li trimmer.

Step 7 With the Andis SlimLine Pro Li trimmer and #1 attachment comb, use clipper-over-comb technique on hair above lip to remove bulk from beard.

Step 8 Line the beard from center to either side up to sideburn area with the Andis SlimLine Pro Li trimmer. For a finished look, use the ProFoil Lithium Ion Shaver and finish below the line-up of the beard.

Step 9 Apply product and style the hair using a brush or fingers with the Andis Pro Dry Elite AC dryer.