How To: Men's Smooth Cut

The atmosphere is set: 2016 is taking off.  Socially, you’re on an upswing, looking for a new look from head to toe. Confidently you select a Lady Barber for her perspective and expertise.

“I want to give you a complete look that will make every Friday exciting," says Christina Goree. 2015 and the Urban Trend of longer textured hair for men was all the rage. Now it's time to get a haircut and freshen up for a sexy and smooth look. I consulted with my model, and he gave me full reign on hair and wardrobe. I'm a champion and expert in men's total look. So let's begin. 

Step 1. Using a wide-tooth comb, remove all tangles and kinks for an even haircut. 

Step 2. Working from long to short, starting at the top of the head, remove bulk with the Wahl 5-Star Senior and #4 attachment comb (taper lever open) by holding the clipper at a 90° angle, cutting down the sides and back of head, adjusting the taper lever to close, finishing with the blade flat to the scalp. 

Step 3. Taking care not to cut above two finger lengths above the ear, with the #1 attachment comb (taper lever open) cut against the grain using the C-Stroke motion, with the taper lever closed, smooth by cutting with the grain. Repeat on opposite side.  Using the ½ attachment comb (taper lever open) repeat previous technique, ending with the taper lever closed, cutting with the grain.

Step 4. Apply your favorite smoothing treatment shampoo and conditioner, and apply a moisturizing gel. Style in desired look. 

Step 5. Applying gel before outlining will hold fine hair in place resulting in a precision, detailed look.

Step 6. To create the front outline, use the nose as a reference point to determine start point.  Work from center to right corner temporal region, back to center, to left corner temporal region. The back neckline is tapered. From the corner of the neckline, line up the side, to and around the ear, finish by following the natural hairline pattern around the ear connecting to the front temporal region.

About Christina Goree: Christina Goree has no limits- Globally renowned, Christina has trained in Russia , first American to grace the stage. Technically sound with all textures of hair cutting. Constantly in a zone of inspiring & motivating her teaching techniques, are proven to be nothing less than Life Changing. Christina is recognized as a True Industry Legend. She has helped to cultivate some of today’s Top Industry Professionals.

About Wahl Clipper Corporation: Since 1919, with the invention of the first practical electric hair clipper, Wahl Clipper Corporation has been the leader in the professional and home grooming category. Today, with over 2500 employees worldwide, Wahl is proud to carry forward the tradition of innovation and superior customer service that was created by Leo J. Wahl. Headquartered in Sterling, Illinois, Wahl distributes to 176 countries and has eight global manufacturing facilities as well as eleven sales offices. At Wahl, we are proud of our heritage of excellence as well as our remarkable list of groundbreaking innovations for the present and future for the global market. Visit for more details.