How-To: The Military Fob

The Christopher Raeburn Autumn/Winter 2016 collection is inspired by red military garments from guards at Buckingham palace. Details include technical hand-embroidery on wool and silk with jacquards for an experimental look.

 “On seeing the collection with takes on militant looks, I wanted to do something with the hair that played on this theme. I created a polished but controlled look and incorporated an extreme side parting to finish.” -  Maria Kovacs, TIGI European Session Director

Kovacs created an understated, natural look with a dramatic side parting. Clean, youthful and glossy, hairs tucked into clothes to naturally create volume around the face. The smooth roots and ends are effortless in creating a young, updated ‘fob’ which effortlessly translates from catwalk to reality for an everyday Autumn/Winter look.


1.  Prep the hair by spritzing CATWALK by TIGIBodifying Spray onto dry hair
2.  Blow dry the hair back away from the face tosmooth the cutice
3.  Create a clean, off-center part to the right,sweeping hair to the left
4.  Blow-dry the hair so that it’s straight and glossyfrom root to tip
5.  Smooth hair either side of the right ear to allow theear to be on show, and tuck the front strands onthe lefthand side behind the ear, to keep hair off
the face
6.  Tuck hair into the top of clothes, which willnaturally bring the middle section of hair out tocreate volume
7.  Set the look with CATWALK by TIGI Work It Spray
About: Catwalk by TIGI is a professional hair care brand designed by hairdressers for hairdressers. The brand takes its inspiration from the backstage world of fashion, celebrity and beauty. It brings specialist products and techniques to let you create the latest on-trend looks with speed and ease.