How-To: Natural Waves

Tanya Taylor Fall/Winter 2016, hair by Bb.Stylist Allen Wood

HAIR DIRECTION/INSPIRATION: Ruffled, gauzy, slept-in texture. Soft, natural waves with roughed-up ends.

“The inspiration was a girl with disheveled hair that’s been slightly frayed from napping in the grass of a secret garden. To get the look, we’re hand drying a rough, matte texture into the hair. On the girls with silkier, more straight hair with less texture, I used a new product launching in April called Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry. It has a soft grip and memory that will help dry a bend and waves into the hair, while also adding that surfy, roughed-up texture. On everyone else I used Surf Spray.” – Bb.Stylist Allen Wood

STYLING METHODS:  Take large sections of hair and dampen with Prep. Depending on hair type, mist with Surf Spray or Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry (launching in April 2016).

Twist and coil the sections and blow dry thoroughly. Continue to section hair and blow dry throughout. Once all hair is dry, break apart each twisted section with fingertips and apply a small amount of Prêt-à-powder to rough-up and “fray” the twists. Spray Dryspun Finish throughout, making sure to massage a little into the crown to give a slept-in feel. Finish with Does It All Hairspray throughout.

KEY PRODUCTS: Prep, Surf Spray or Surf Foam Spray Blow Dry (launching in April 2016), Prêt-à-powder, Dryspun Finish, Does It All Hairspray

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