How-To: Out Grown Fringe

“This look is kind of “bad girl” hair. We put extensions in the girls’ hair and gave them an out grown fringe that’s in the girls’ faces which instantly gives you a tough kind of girl. She’s rebellious and Christopher Kane always loves a rawness to his beauty. The hair is a juxtaposition to the beautiful clothes, which creates a yin and yang effect. Several of the girls also wore plastic head scarfs, which gave an eclectic, strange idea. It is a classic shape but made of plastic so again, I’m playing with high and low. It looks beautifully done in Kane’s way. I used Redken Diamond oil high shine to create the shine and control addict 28 hairspray to create some hold, as well as bobby pins for shape. The end look is very raw, tough and boyish.” – Guido 


1. Starting with dry hair, create a clean middle part. Take one-inch sections on either side of the part and pull tightly behind the ears, securing flat to head with pins underneath the hair at the nape of the neck. Liberally apply Redken control addict 28 extra high-hold hairspray to the two sections to help flatten the hair. 

2. Apply 2-3 hair extensions that match your existing color to the hairline, with hair extensions covering face. Using a razor, trim lengths of hair to create an edgy, rough fringe. 

3. Liberally spray Redken diamond oil high shine airy mist all over, but focusing on the fringe, to add intense shine and create a wet look. 

4. Secure hair back on either side of head toward the top of the head with two pins to create slight lift and help to open up the face frame. 

5. Finish by spraying with Redken diamond oil high shine airy mist. 

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