How To: Richest Red

Aveda’s Lupe Voss reveals her secret formula for the richest red.

“The new red base from Aveda Full Spectrum Deep has a rich red reflection that gives my reds substance and shine,” says Lupe Voss, Aveda hair color educator. “It perfectly combats that dreaded, hollow red look.” Here’s her secret red-boosting formula for the richest reds ever.

The Formula:

Red Base 30g
Shade 5N 10g
Full Spectrum™ Permanent Dark RO 12g
Lt OY 6g
10 volume 

The Mids and Ends:

0N 20g
Red Base
Full Spectrum™ Permanent Drk RO 12g
Lt OY 6g
20 volume

Shampoo the client’s hair twice and pHinish for five minutes. Towel dry and moisturize with an Aveda Botanical Treatment. Then apply Aveda Sun Care After Sun Masque over the botanical treatment. Leave on for five minutes, rinse and dry.