How-To Video: Softly Blunt Bob

Looking for new inspiration?  Try doing an entire haircut without a comb.  It takes guts, but the end result is worth it—soft lines, subtle volume and texture. Ruth Roche, Artistic Ambassador for Pureology Serious Colour Care, shares her technique for cutting a softly blunt bob without a comb.  

“Think about it, our hands are like combs. We use them to style and redirect hair all the time, why not cut with them too?" Roche says. 

Softly Blunt Bob Cutting Tips:

  • Condense hair between fingers and point cut the ends deeply to create the different lengths that soften the line.
  • Both horizontal and vertical sections are used to create overlapping segments with soft edges that blend.
  • Cut hair horizontally between two fingers to reduce length with a softly blunt line.
  • Cut vertically between multiple fingers to create layers that soften the shape.
  • The top horseshoe section is point cut straight across and longer than the previously cut sections, so it falls over them for added softness.