How-To: Twisted Ponytail 

(Twisted Pony)

Whether it’s for a fancy wedding or a casual night out, a twisted pony is an ideal and easy style for clients in the hot, humid summer season. Stylist Neal Malek (@nealmhair) breaks down how to create the versatile look.

  1. Start with blow-dried hair. Apply a quarter-size amount of Pravana Polish & ReUnite Split End Mender from mid-shafts to ends for an extra sealed finish.

  2. Starting at the hairline, smooth hair back using a flat brush.  

  3. Split the hair into two sections, directly down the middle.  

  4. Twist the section in your right hand toward the face and wrap the left section away from the face. Repeat until you reach the ends and secure with an elastic. Tease the ends of the hair to hide the elastic.

  1. Deconstruct the twisted pony by pinching and pulling little sections. Use more dry shampoo on the front of the style and deconstruct to match the texture of the twisted pony.