How-To Video: Four-Strand Bamboo Braid

French, Dutch, milkmaid, fishtail, cornrow, waterfall, mermaid, ladder, three-strand, four-strand, inside-out and upside down—we all know that the types of braids you can offer your clients is seemingly endless. But one of the coolest looking braids seen on the runways and social media is a bamboo braid. These woven masterpieces create a wider, "fabric like" surface that catches the eye and gives you a smart place to tuck in an end. And, by incorporating them into a classic ponytail, you're giving your clients a fun take on a look they already love. This week, Ruth Roche (@ruthroche), Pureology Global Artistic Ambassador, breaks down a four-strand bamboo braid technique. This side ponytail creation doesn't take long create, but gives her client a funky, city-chic vibe that's still feminine and pretty. Watch the process below: 

Get the look:

1. Separate the ponytail into four sections leaving the right hand section a little thicker than the others

2. Take a small piece from the outside of the right hand strand, wrap it over the first strand, under the second strand, over the third strand and under the last strand. 

3. Go over the left hand strand, take it under the second strand, over the third strand and then under the last one.

4. Repeat steps until desired braid length is achieved.